Monday, August 31, 2009

Burn out

Well, in case you haven't noticed, I've "burned out" on posting here. I've got material to post, but haven't done it. Anyway, I'm pretty busy with the role-play games, but keep checking back, okay?
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

SDCC 2009

Well, apparently Lego only shows licensed products at San Diego Comic Con. Ah, well. Glad to see the Toy Story Legos. I really like them.
At this moment, I'm reading live coverage from SDCC from the G.I.Joe panel at two different sites. pretty interesting.
BTW, the molds for the Sigma 6 motorcycles are apparently being used for 12" figures. Hopefully, those are actually 8" figs, but yeah, like that's gonna happen.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Coolest Agents character is...

Chase! With 62% of the votes, Agent Chase is the coolest character!
In second place... Dr. Inferno with 25% of the votes!
In third... Spy Clops with 12% of the votes!
The honorable mentions are Swipe and Magma Commander.
Thanks to everyone who voted, and apologies for not updating like I should have.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Poll Winners: Week 4

Man, it's been awhile since I posted here. Good Grief! Anyway here's how the polls came out...

Poll 1
Swipe (Agents)-36%
Dyna-Mite (Inferno)-27%
Swift (Agents)-18%
Dollar Bill (Inferno)-18%

Poll 2
Magma Commander-63%
Inferno Henchman-18%
Magma Robot-18%

Interesting, soooo let the final face-off begin!
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Agents story coming soon to Lego Universe

I'm working on a story for my Universe Creation Lab, it's set to have characters from the Agents Message Boards game. Check out the trailer here, and check out the rest of my Creation Lab here.

I'll post more as the project progresses.

Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Poll winners (Week (or weeks) 3)

I've been planning to post these sooner, but haven't had the time.
Dr. Inferno: 50%
Slime Face/Dr. D. Zaster: 28%
Fire Arm: 14%
Clawdette: 7%
I'm definitely surprised by the results, I thought that Clawdette would got 2nd. The next rounds will consist of 2.0 characters.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Back from ISC

I didn't post this past week because I was at another student convention. Anyway, I'm back and posting will continue as normal.
BTW, River Heist and Aerial Defense Unit reviews are on Eurobricks, so check 'em out.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Monday, May 18, 2009

List of Agents and Agents 2.0 characters

I thought I'd put this handy list of characters and their appearance together to help those of you who aren't familiar with the Agents series.
Chase: Top agent and leader. Appearance: Male, Black messed-up hair, has two-sided head with grumpy face or sunglasses.
Trace: Undercover operations. Appearance: Female, Long brown hair in ponytail.
Charge: Land, Sea, Air. Appearance: Male, Brown flattop, bushy eyebrows, whiskers
Fuse: Demolitions. Appearance: Male, reddish-orange messed-up hair, glasses
Swipe: Infiltration (That's a guess.) Appearance: Male, blond flat top, double chin
Swift: Pilot (Another guess.) Appearance: Female: Long black hair
Dr. Inferno: Leader and evil genius. Appearance: Male, Missing an eye, fang-like teeth, long hair that sticks straight up with orange stripes in it, robotic arm.
Spy Clops: Inferno battle commander. Appearance: Male, Black flat top, four cybernetic eyes, six legs.
Clawdette: Inferno Henchman. Appearance: Female, Long black hair, robotic arm.
Saw Fist: Inferno henchman. Appearance: Male, black flat top, robotic arm with saw on it, cybernetic eye.
Break Jaw: Inferno henchman. Appearance: Male, chrome helmet with a faceplate, jagged teeth under helmet.
Gold Tooth: Inferno Henchmen. Appearance: Male, Gold-colored hair, eye patch
Slime Face/Dr. D. Zaster: Scientist. Appearance: Male, green see-through head with red eye.
Fire Arm: Inferno Henchman. Appearance: Male, arm with flame thrower attachment, looks similar to Saw Fist
Dollar Bill: Inferno Henchman. Appearance: Male, has monocle, green hair, wears suit.
Dyna-Mite: Inferno Henchman. Appearance: Female, red hair, battle goggles
Magma Commander: Status unknown. Appearance: Break Jaw's helmet, robot
Inferno Henchman: Standard trooper. Appearance: Male,Wears sock hat, whiskers, has a gold tooth
Magma Robot: Status unknown. Appearance: Has antenna for a head.
Hope that helps someone!
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

And poll winners are...(Week 2)

Spy Clops (41%)
Break Jaw (29%)
Gold Tooth (17%)
Saw Fist (11%)
Well, on to the next round!
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lego Agents 2.0 descriptions!

I was looking at Toys R' Us' site and the descriptions of the sets, which tell the names of the new characters! Click on the link to go the TRU listings!
Attention, Agent Fuse! Dr. Infernos henchmen Dollar Bill and Dyna-Mite have just robbed the City bank and are getting away with their ill-gotten loot aboard their Super Airboat. Your Mission: to recapture the safe using your Agent Waterjet with firing flick missiles but watch out for the airboats explosive surprises!
Aeriel Defense Unit
Red alert for Agents Chase, Charge and Swift! Dr. Infernos hot-headed henchman Magma Commander is unleashing his magma-drones on the City. Your Mission: to destroy his satellite broadcaster and neutralize the drones! To do it, youll need the newest Agents aerial defense vehicle the enormous, gadget-packed twin-propeller Agent Chopper!
Calling Agent Swipe! The gold-hungry Gold Tooth has stolen a valuable statue and is making his escape on a hi-tech motorcycle. Your Mission: to retrieve the statue at all costs using your Agent Supertrike with launching flick missiles!
Attention, Agents Trace and Chase! The villainous Dr. Inferno is on the loose in the City with his latest mad scientist creation a stomping, crushing monster robot with a giant claw and plasma laser! Your Mission: to use your Agent Super Jet with flick missiles and your harpoon-equipped Quad Bike to disable the robot and capture Dr. Inferno before he escapes in his jet-pod!
Emergency alert for Agent Chase! The evil Dr. D. Zaster is plotting to cover the City with sticky slime. Your Mission: to stop his Slime Chopper and destroy the slime containers using your Agent 4-wheeled truck with working suspension, hidden flick missiles and secret super agent gadgets!
I'll post more on the new characters later,
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lego Agents Episode 6: Rescue

Continued from previous episode….
Date: Classified
Location: Jungle in Peru

“We’re almost into the woods,” said Gold Tooth to Jack.
“What do you mean?” asked Jack as he fired at the Agents’ jet above him.
“Up ahead,’ replied Gold Tooth,’ Is a dense part of the jungle where we can park and they can’t shoot at us. You can’t hit what you cant't see.”
Up in the jet…
Fuse looked at his screen. The targeting computer locked on. Fuse pressed the button. The missiles flew through the air.
“Please…” said Fuse.
“Oh, no!” shouted Jack.
Wham! The missile hit the detonator! They both blasted in a large explosion, throwing the gold off the truck.
“You’ll pay!” shouted Jack. He aimed his sub-machine guns and hit the wings!
“Uh!” Fuse pressed the button and another missile hit the truck! All three bailed out of their vehicles. Gold Tooth jumped up.
“Run!” They ran down the road until… Wham! A grenade landed in front of them! Lasers poured down from the sky! They looked up and saw Fuse on a parachute, firing at them with a laser rifle! Fuse landed on the road, and Chase and Charge pulled up in the turbo car.
“Git shot down, little man?” asked Charge.
“Kinda,” replied Fuse.
“Where’d they go?” asked Chase.
“Ran off,’ answered Fuse,’ Maybe they jumped in a lake!”
“Be nice if day did,” said Charge.
Back at the clearing…
The turbo car pulled up. Fuse was sitting on the GPS, and squeezed between Chase and Charge.
“Yo shoulda rode in da trunk,” grumbled Charge.
“You should of worn deodorant,” snickered Fuse.
“Cut it out,” said Chase. “Something’s wrong. The villagers don’t look happy.” The villagers ran up to the turbo car. Chase turned on his translator gadget.

Date: Classified
Time: 1645
Location: Agents HQ

“I can’t believe it,’ said Chase, ‘they captured Trace.” Dr. Inferno stood in his cell laughing evilly.
Chase walked over to his cell. “What’s so funny?”
“The fact that you lost this fight,” said Inferno.
“We did?” said Charge as he and Fuse walked over to join Chase and Inferno.
“You did,’ replied Inferno, ’You might have stopped Gold Tooth, but your teammate was captured by Inferno, so you were defeated.”
“Got news,” said Chase. “The fight’s not over yet.”
“It’s not?” asked Inferno.
“It’s not.” said Chase.


“Keep scanning, Charge,” said Chase. Charge was using several different satellites to locate a possible Inferno base.
“Yo, Chase!” shouted Fuse. “Look what I just got!” He waved a paper at Chase “Clancy just received word that an oil rig in the Caribbean was taken over by Inferno, think that’s were they’re holding Trace?”
“Maybe,” replied Chase. He pushed a button on the computer.
“Request granted,” said the computer.
“What are yo doin’?” asked Charge.
“I’m going to take the speedboat and rescue Trace. Alone.”
“Alone! Are yo nuts?”
“Maybe, but just a little. If I need you, I’ll call.”
“But…” Chase had already left the room.

Date: Classified
Time: 0834 hours
Location: 5 miles from the oil rig.

Chase looked at the scanner. A blip showed on the computer. Chase turned the speedboat to find the blip. “It appears to be 3 miles from the oil rig,” thought Chase.

Two miles away…

“Wait ‘til Chase gets here,” said Trace to Break Jaw. “He’ll beat you so far down in your boots, that you’ll have to pull down your socks to see out!” Trace’s arms were tied on a rope, that was extended on a boom from a buoy.
“Like that’ll happen,” said Break Jaw. “Face it, Trace, you can’t win.”
“Oh, sure,” said Trace. “Look behind you.”
“Oh, boy,” said Break Jaw. The Agents speedboat was closing in.
“Yikes,” said Chase. “There are mines planted in the water, according to my screen.”
“He stopped,” said Break Jaw. “He must have detected my mines.”
“He’s smarter than you think, Break Jaw,” said Trace.
“Shut it!” shouted Break Jaw.
Chase opened the hatch and grabbed the zip line tool from a hook. He pushed a button on the speedboat’s computer. The harpoon shot out from the boat, and hooked onto the buoy. Chase zipped across the line and onto the buoy.
“So, Break Jaw,’ said Chase,’ We meet again.”
“So we have,” said Break Jaw. “Have you ever faced a ninja?"
“No,’ said Chase,’ but if they fight like you, they’re a bunch of wimps.”
“You’ll pay for that.” Break Jaw ran at Chase, and knocked him down. Trace swung back and forth on her chain, and kicked Break Jaw in the head. He splashed into the ocean.
Chase grabbed one of his pistols, and shot a laser at the chain. The laser cut the chain. Chase caught Trace, set her down, and unhooked the rest of the chain. “You alright?” asked Chase.
“I think so,” said Trace.
“Thanks for saving me.” “Don’t tell the oth…” said Chase.
“You freak!” shouted Break Jaw. “If you knew what was coming you wouldn’t laugh!” He pushed a button on belt. Part of the buoy blew, and a small escape boat came out. Break Jaw jumped in and sped off.
“The buoy’s sinking!” said Chase. He pushed the Agents logo on his suit. His heli-pack activated, and they flew to the speedboat and landed on it. Trace hopped into the speedboat’s controls, and they sped off.
“To the oil rig!” shouted Chase. “We have to get Inferno off of it!”
“Hang tight,” said Trace. “I’m picking up something on the radar.”
“Sharks!” said Chase. “With rocket launchers, and pulse rays?!?” The two sharks had surfaced and opened fire! Trace weaved the speedboat left and right to avoid the fire. "They're robots!"
Chase pushed two buttons. The speedboat’s missiles flew at one of the sharks. Boom!
Chase punched in another button. A net landed on the other shark. Chase flipped a switch and the net produced electricity and zapped the shark.
“That only stunned it,” said Trace. She pushed a button on the controls. The pod detached, and dove under. She fired at the shark with the laser cannons and the shark was no more.
“Nice work,” said Chase as the pod attached back to the speedboat.
“Thanks.” Trace smiled at him.
“Good knight!” shouted Chase. “What in the world is going on!”
They had arrived at the oil rig. And it wasn’t what they had expected. Inferno henchmen were evacuating the oil rig! One was thrown out a window, and into the ocean. Charge popped his head out of the window!
“Take dat ya maroon!” he shouted. Fuse popped his head out.
“Don’t you mean moron?” he asked.
“Maybe,” said Charge. He noticed Chase and Trace.
“Oh, hey guys! Whazz’s up?”
“What? How? Why? Where?…Oh, for crying out loud!” said Chase.

Later on the oil rig…

“So we got bored,’ said Charge,’ and I was like, Fuse, we oughta go take dat oil rig, ourselves, and Fuse was like…”
“Just a minute, moose breath, I was like, Charge, Chase can’t rescue Trace, and capture the oil rig at the same time, and you said you wanted to watch your Veggietales DVDs, and then I reminded you that I had a hot dog roast with them, and you decided..”
Charge clamped his hand over Fuse’s mouth.
Chase rolled his eyes.
“Hey, Trace,’ said Chase,’ wanna go to dinner tonight?”
“Really?” said Trace. “Sure, I’d love too!”
“Can I come?” asked Charge.
“Absolutely not!” shouted Chase and Trace together.
“Aw, nuts.”

Date: Classified
Time: 0834 hours
Location: Inferno HQ

“The price we owed you for the location of Agents’ HQ was the capture of an Agent,” said Spy Clops to Break Jaw.
“Now cough up the location!”
“I lost her to Chase!” said Break Jaw, “I need another Agent!”
Spy Clops grabbed Break Jaw’s helmet and pulled it off his head.
“I think not,” said Spy Clops. “When your helmet was made, it was modified with a brain wave scanner, it downloaded your memory over the weeks since you joined Inferno. Tough luck.” He walked away.
“Hmm….” thought Break Jaw. “Spy Clops, Not I, but you will pay.”

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lego Agents Preliminary Pictures

I'm sure you're thinking haven't we seen these before? Well, yes. This a post shows the preliminary pictures of the Agents and Agents 2.0 sets. See how many differences you can find!

Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lego Agents 2.0 Box shots!

I'm sure that I'm late reporting this, but here are box shots of the 2.0 sets.

A couple of notes, include that River Heist male henchman now has green hair and wears a suit, Charge is now flying the helicopter, and Chase is no longer in the Gold Tooth's Getaway set. Also rumor has it that Slime Face is the henchman in Four-Wheeling Pursuit.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

And the poll winners are...(Week 1)

Who's your favorite Agent?
Chase (43%)
Trace (18%)
Charge (18%)
Fuse (18%)
Woo hoo! Chase won! Well, on to the Infernos!
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Agents 2.0 Robo Attack review on Eurobricks!

That's right! It's been reviewed! What are you waiting for? Go check it out!
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lego Agents: Military or spies?

There is a little bit of controversy over whither the Agents are a G.I.Joe-type military force or a James Bond-type spies. My answer to that question is.......
G.I.Joe-type military.
In my world. There shouldn't be a controversy here. I'll be honest, I think that the Agents are like the Sigma 6, but they can work like spies too. It depends on what you like. Have it your way.
Yeah, yeah, some layer from Burger King will knocking at the door anytime...
Uh, I gotta run, and I do mean run.
Yo Joe and Duke94 ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

About the polls...

In the next several weeks, I am going to conduct a series of polls to see which Agents character (Both Inferno and Agents) is the coolest. Vote on your favorite of the four listed, and then once the polls are over. I'll add a poll of the winning characters from the previous polls, and we can vote and see who is the coolest Agents character! Vote away!
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lego Agents Episode 5: Fool's Gold

Lego Agents: Fool’s Gold

Date: Classified
Location: Jungle in Peru

WHOOSH! The Agents’ jet flew over the jungle. “This is Agent Fuse contacting Agent MCC. Come in, MMC,” said Fuse into the headset in his helmet.
At the MCC…
Trace was driving the MCC with Chase in the passenger seat, and Charge in the trailer.
“This is Agent Chase,” said Chase. “What’s your situation?”
“Same as usual, I‘ve seen no Inferno activity.”
“Strange, Interalliance reports said that Inferno was planning a raid on a ancient tomb in this area.”
“What do you think they’re after?”
“Gold, probably. There’s a lot in this area.”
“What do they want gold for, anyway?”

Date: Classified
Location: Inferno HQ

“Break Jaw, you fuss about my teams bungling every operation, and yet you blow your own mission,” shouted Spy Clops.
“It’s not my fault!” shouted Break Jaw. His hand was wrapped in a bandage.
“Charge got in my way!”
“That’s what they do to my teams,’ hollered Spy Clops,’ except for the fact that my men don’t get so bad they need a medic!
“Your hand has never been zapped by electricity. Besides the medic said that it will heal!” fired back Break Jaw.
Spy Clops grabbed Break Jaw by his collar and lifted him off the ground.
“Tell me,’ shouted Spy Clops,’ The location of Agents Headquarters! Or YOU will pay the price!”
“If I lowered the price, would accept it?” gasped Break Jaw.
“Maybe,” said Spy Clops.
“I’ll tell you the price.” (The price will be revealed in Lego Agents episode 6! Don‘t miss it.)

Date: Classified
Location: Jungle in Peru

Gold Tooth walked into a hut in a small native village. “Anything for me, matey?” he asked the henchman who had come with him.
“Yes sir,” said the henchman. “Quite a lot, actually.”
“I’d prefer ye call me ‘Capt’in,’ Jack,” said Gold Tooth.
“Yes, Capt’in,” said Jack.
“Spy Clops said to let you know that we are abort the mission, and return to base.”
“What?!?’ exclaimed Gold Tooth,’ after all we have done? We’ve traded and made peace with the natives, and now, he’s calling us back?”
“That’s what he said.”
“Okay, then. We will return to base. But not until we get the gold! I’ll get the two trucks ready. We will keep the gold to ourselves!”
“50-50?” asked Jack.
“Of course.”
“You sure treat your workers nice.”
“I’ve read that if you respect your men, they will respect you,” replied Gold Tooth.
Date: Classified
Location: Agents MMC
“This is Agent Fuse to MMC. Come in, MCC,” squawked Fuse’s voice over the radio.
“This is Agent Chase at MMC, over,” said Chase.
“I’ve spotted a clearing due east.”
“Keep searching for Inferno, We’ll investigate the clearing, over!”

Date: Classified
Location: 2 mi. from the clearing.

The side of the trailer opened, and the turbo car drove out.
“We’ll call you, if we need you,” said Chase to Trace via radio.
“Copy that,” said Trace.
“BTW,’ said Charge,’ Why ain’t Trace and da MMC with us?”
“If we get in a jam, Trace will bring the MMC so we can use its secret gadgets.”
“What are da secret gadgets in da MMC besides the mini-vehicles?”
“If I told you, they wouldn’t be secret.” (The secrets of the MMC will be told in Lego Agents episode 8!)

In the clearing…
Gold Tooth hooked a shovel on side of the truck.
“Okay, matey, lets go,’” said Gold Tooth. They both climbed into the pick-up trucks. Some natives climbed into the trailers.
VROOOMMMMM!!!!! The turbo car burst through the jungle, and into the village.
“Trace!” shouted Chase into his headset. “Gold Tooth has the natives captured! Get here now!”
Charge and Chase reached under the dash and grabbed their weapons. Chase held up his laser pistols. Charge stuck a magazine into his Gatling machine gun.
“How can you fire that thing?” wondered Chase.
“Ah gots muscles,” replied Charge.
“Careful,’ said Chase, ’Don’t hit any natives.”
Gold Tooth and Jack jumped out of the trucks. Gold Tooth pulled his custom gold-plated pistol, and fired. His lasers missed Chase and Charge by a mile.
“He ain’t ever taken shooting lessons,” snickered Charge.
“I’d worry about him,” shouted Chase, pointing at Jack. The henchman had two sub-machine guns trained on Chase and Charge.
“Look out!” shouted Chase, as Jack opened fire. He and Charge jumped for cover behind the trees. The natives started jumping off the truck, spears in hand.
“Ya know,’ said Charge, ‘if ah didn’t know better, I’d say dat they are comin’ after us.”
“Might be a reason for that, you lame brain,” said Chase. “They are coming after us!”
“Yikes!” shouted Charge. He aimed his Gatling at the natives.
“No!” shouted Chase. “Don’t hurt them, just disarm them, or we’ll have more trouble! Take out Inferno only!”
“You’re no fun,” groaned Charge. A native ran at Chase. Chase jumped into the air and kicked the spear out of his hand.
A big native ran towards Charge, and swung his spear at him. “Don’t yo know dat yo could poke out someone’s eyes wit’ dat?” asked Charge, as he grabbed the spear and snapped it over his knee.
Six natives surrounded Chase. Chase made a roundhouse kick, and sent their spears flying through the air.
Charge fired electric bolts at one of the pick-ups. The bolts bounced off, thanks to the truck’s armor plating. Charge snatched a spear out of a native’s hand and drove it into the armor plating. The handle was made of wood, yet the point was made of steel. Charge touch the point on the spear. The bolts form his glove went through the point, through the hood and into the engine. Booooom! The truck exploded!
Gold Tooth hopped into the remaining truck.
“Hey, Jack, jump in!” he shouted. Jack jumped into the passenger’s seat, and the truck drove off.
CRASH!!!! Chase and Charge turned around. The MMC pulled up into the village.
“Hiya, hot shot!” said Trace, as she jumped out of the cab.
“No time for sweet talk!” said Charge. “Follow dat truck!”
“The MMC can’t catch up to that truck in time!” said Chase. He grabbed his radio. “Fuse, this is Chase. Gold Tooth and his henchman got away. I need you to pursue them!”
“Roger,” said Fuse.
Chase and Charge jumped into the Turbo Car. Chase put the petal to the metal, and drove off. Charge look at the scanner on the Turbo Car.
“According to dis,’ said Charge,’ Gold Tooth and his henchman are at an ancient temple. Dere leaving now, but if we turn right up dere we can take ah short cut and head ’em off.”
Chase turned the car and drove through the mud. “Hope this works, Charge. My car is getting dirty.”
“Git over it.”
Fuse flew over the truck. “Fuse to Chase. Presently over the Inferno truck, waiting orders.”
“This is Chase. Charge and I are going to attempt to head off the truck. Hang on, we may not need you.”
“Roger that,” said Fuse.
Jack looked up at the Agents’ jet.
“It’s not lookin’ good,” he told Gold Tooth. He climbed out the window, and into the back, where there was a seat. He aimed his sub-machine guns at the jet, and opened fire.
“Whoa!” shouted Fuse as he tried to avoid the laser fire.
“Chase, if you’re gonna do something, do it now.” “We’re almost there!” shouted Chase. “Bad news,” said Charge.
“What now?” asked Chase.
“I made a miss calculation. We ain’t gonna make it, keep goin’ though.”
“What for?”
“Yo see.” The car flew towards the dirt road up ahead. The road was a 4 way crossing. The truck drove in front of the car. Whoosh! The car barely missed the trailer. Charge unbuckled, jumped onto the trailer, and placed a detonator on it. But before he could dentate it, Jack aimed his gun and shot Charge in hand. Charge fell off the truck and in the mud. The turbo car raced up.
“What happened?” asked Chase. Charge walked back to the car, hold his hand. “Tell ya on the way,” he moaned.

Meanwhile at the MMC….

“Anyway, that’s what happened,” said Trace. She was talking to native woman using a language translator gadget. Trace turned around and saw a shadow looming behind the MCC.
“Excuse me,” said Trace. She walked behind the MCC. A karate chop hit her in the neck, and knocked her out.
“Ha, ha, ha!” laughed an evil figure behind her. It picked her up and carried her away from the MCC.

Back at the jungle….

“Fuse, you have to hit that detonator with a missile or laser, and make it explode!” said Chase into his radio.
“Or that gold could be used to give Inferno money to buy weapons for world domination!”
“I know,’ said Fuse as he dodged Jack’s lasers,’ I’m counting on me too.”
To be continued….

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mission 3 review is up!

I know it took a while, but hey, it's up! for some reason. It went down a smigin on the front page, so I'm using this post to tell you that it's here! Check it out!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Changes to the template.

Don't worry. You made it clear that a theme of the month isn't a good idea, so I won't do one. I changed the header, and made it smaller so the front page won't take as long to load. I also changed what the comment button and other buttons say at the bottom of the post. These are the only changes I intend to make. Oh, I've started uploading the Mission 3 review pictures, but it's gonna take a while. *Sigh*
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Lego Agents Mission 3 Gold Hunt review

Well being a G.I.Joe Sigma 6 fan, the Lego Agents were a dream come true. To have Lego sets where they fired guns, had a Mobile Command Center, and had awesome tech was awesome. The jet was one cool vehicle, while not on Sigma 6, it had a Sigma 6 look to it. And it still does. I love the Agents line, and this is one of the best Lego sets ever. Why? Read on.

The mini-figs included are Agent Fuse, Gold Tooth, and a henchman. Fuse and Gold Tooth were covered in this review, and the henchman in Mission 5.
Fuse includes no weapons, and has a helmet instead of his hairpiece. It stinks that Fuse doesn't have his hairpiece included in the set. Say I was a little kid that couldn't save up the money for the MCC, but I was given Mission 3 for my birthday. Well, when I played with my Agents, Fuse would be walking around with his helmet on all the time. This was one of the reasons I bought Mission 6 first, so that I could have the regular versions of the characters.
Gold Tooth includes a gold-plated pistol, but it the hairpiece is awesome! I can think of a thousand (Okay, maybe not that many.) ways to use this piece!
The henchman's sub-machine guns are awesome, even though they are a simple combination!
When I first saw the truck, I was like okay, whatever. It's a pick-up truck. A tall pick-up truck. the model is TALL! (See next two pictures.) None the less, I love this rig! There is nothing on it that should blow me away, but it does.
Gold Tooth: Me can't get in me truck because henchman stole me ladder!
The box shows that when you hit the target, the gold flies of the truck. Listen well, kids. What you see is not always what you get. I knew it was hype, but, hey, a guy can dream!

The back of the pick-up has a turning seat for the henchman to sit in, and fire his guns. Not a bad feature, but not a great one, either.

The missiles are a little crazy. They look more like laser cannons than missiles, besides where is the engine?

The plane. Wow. I love the design of this toy! (It strikes amazing resemblance to a blue angel!)

A look at the bottom of the plane.
You need to hold the plane a certain way to get both missiles to fire at the same time. This is the best way.

A picture of the jet's thruster. I've heard of barrel rolls, but this is ridiculous.
One seat in the cockpit, but you can store gear back there. (If Fuse came with any, mind you.)

One instruction manual.
Box shot. I forgot to take a picture of the comic strip this time, but you can see it here.

Playability:5 of 5
Value for money:5 of 5
Overall:5 of 5

Next Power Miners Thunder Driller.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All quiet on the Eastern Front

And that's a good thing for me. I haven't had lot of time to work on the blog. I need to work on getting those reviews up, which I finally have got the chance to work on today.
If you remember, I started a team on a Lego Agents role-playing game on the Lego Message Boards. Long story, but I'm starting over with a new team so if you want to join the fight, get in on the Message Boards today.
Oh, one more thing. I messed up this week's poll, so I'm going to change it a little sooner than usual. I typically change it every Monday at 2:00 Pm
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Custom Lego G.I.Joe mini-figs

Here are a few G.I.Joe Lego customs I made. You can more G.I.Joe mini-figs and even more Lego creations in my creation lab.
Duke, take command! The G.I.Joe's leader is on the roll!

The Joes aren't complete without their ever-popular ninja, Snake Eyes!
Of course, I can't have Snake Eyes without a villain, namely his brother, Storm Shadow!

I'm planning a mega huge update in a few weeks, so hang in there!
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Friday, March 27, 2009

S6T's 100th post!

It only took me two years! Anyway this is S6T's 100th post. Yippee! I've been running this for almost two years now. Thanks to all you viewers that enjoy what I do. BTW, the next two fanfics should be up in a week or two.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Friday, March 20, 2009

S6T blog changes

I've been considering some changes to the blog, so I figure I'll list a few of them today.
Having a "theme of the month." By this, I mean having the blog banner, template, and font colors change every so often to represent different themes to try to keep the blog "fresh."
I have in mind to create a blog for videos, called the Sigma 6 Telebase video blog. If I post videos to S6T now, it will clutter the front page and make it take longer to come up.
Just a few ideas I've been thinking about, if you have any more suggestions, leave a comment, and I'll think about it.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm back! (Maybe.)

I got back, Friday, from the ACE Cumberland Valley Student Convention. If you don't have a clue what that is, I do school-work made by A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education), and they have student conventions, with several competitions. (I entered 4 different categories of photography, and preaching.) Anyway, I went to the convention with several kids who school or home school. (I home school.) When It was all said and done, I had won first place in preaching! They told me that it's rare that a kid goes to the convention and wins first in anything! So I'm happy, anyway.
I'm going to try to get caught up in my reviews and fanfics this week, so hang tight! I'm trying! I'm also working a new project for this blog also. But you'll have to wait for it! Stay tuned to S6T!
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lego Agents should continue into 2010!

It's official! I wondered what readers thought about the Lego Agents continuing. It appears that you agree acording to a poll I posted.
Now how 'bout a little question to arouse your thinking. If you don't want a question picking at your brain all day, leave this post. Okay, here it is. Lego Agents would add on to it's name. (Like 2.0 is being added this summer.) But should they add on? Most Lego themes last two years, and then they are cancelled, because sales go down. (Remember Exo-Force?) So I think that Lego should change the entire name of Agents, but keep the same characters, maybe add a few, and give them new bad guys. So what would the name be?
Well, just a little something for you to chew on!
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Power Miners Mine Mech review

Yeah, I know, I'm late getting this up again.

If there was any Power Miners (PM) set, I wouldn't buy, it would be this one. I mean, It's weird-looking, it's driven by an old man (Brains), and it's from Power Miners! Power Miners is wried! They go underground and attacked by rock monsters, that are smaller than them! And the monsters have no weapons of any sort! (I'm just glad that the monsters will getting better in Summer. Then I might reconsider.) The only reason I bought this was the fact that I had a Wal-Mart gift card for ten bucks, and I noticed this set had a dynamite bundle, which I've been wanting. Sorry if this review is a bit on the negative side.

Brains is part of the reason I was turned off to PM. He's an old man! Why is the government going to send an old man to fight rock monsters? Actually, I like his body and blue helmet. They both look pretty cool. When you turn his head around, it reveals a scared face. If these are a bunch of brave men, why pray tell, every time you turn their heads, they are freaked out?!?

Blouderax is weird! If we were gonna have rock monsters, they could at least looked cooler. Oh, well. The crystal was a piece that I didn't have, and it looks neat. It'll go well on some customs.

The crystal does fit in Boulderax's mouth. (Note, it doesn't stick up as high as it looks in the picture. I put the crystal on Brain's head, and put both in his mouth so you could see the crystal.)
Size comparison. When I pulled Boulderax out of the box, I yelled, "Good Grief! That's a small rock monster!" I mean, sheesh, these rock monsters aren't a match for the miners, whither the miners are using their machines or not! It's pathetic! I almost feel sorry for these things! (Almost.)

The tools are included are a pick ax and a bundle of DIN-O-MITE! The dynamite lives up to Lego fan's expectations, it's a very study and cool-looking piece. (Besides it's the only weapon the Power Miner have.)

The dynamite does fit in boulderax's mouth, which makes this set a little more fun. ;)

Now for the mech itself. Oh, boy. Why isn't this mech like the Exo-Force mechs? Nuts. This a major disappointment.

From what they tell me, the claw is made of Bionicle pieces. I say it looks weird, Bionicle pieces or not.

The rock cutter tool bis simply a cutter on a stick. Nothing to see here.

Shots from the instruction manuals.

A look at the back of the box.

Playability: 3 of 5
Money value: 2 of 5
Overall: 2 of 5
Next Lego Agents Mission 3, and Power Miners Thunder Driller.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.