Monday, May 18, 2009

List of Agents and Agents 2.0 characters

I thought I'd put this handy list of characters and their appearance together to help those of you who aren't familiar with the Agents series.
Chase: Top agent and leader. Appearance: Male, Black messed-up hair, has two-sided head with grumpy face or sunglasses.
Trace: Undercover operations. Appearance: Female, Long brown hair in ponytail.
Charge: Land, Sea, Air. Appearance: Male, Brown flattop, bushy eyebrows, whiskers
Fuse: Demolitions. Appearance: Male, reddish-orange messed-up hair, glasses
Swipe: Infiltration (That's a guess.) Appearance: Male, blond flat top, double chin
Swift: Pilot (Another guess.) Appearance: Female: Long black hair
Dr. Inferno: Leader and evil genius. Appearance: Male, Missing an eye, fang-like teeth, long hair that sticks straight up with orange stripes in it, robotic arm.
Spy Clops: Inferno battle commander. Appearance: Male, Black flat top, four cybernetic eyes, six legs.
Clawdette: Inferno Henchman. Appearance: Female, Long black hair, robotic arm.
Saw Fist: Inferno henchman. Appearance: Male, black flat top, robotic arm with saw on it, cybernetic eye.
Break Jaw: Inferno henchman. Appearance: Male, chrome helmet with a faceplate, jagged teeth under helmet.
Gold Tooth: Inferno Henchmen. Appearance: Male, Gold-colored hair, eye patch
Slime Face/Dr. D. Zaster: Scientist. Appearance: Male, green see-through head with red eye.
Fire Arm: Inferno Henchman. Appearance: Male, arm with flame thrower attachment, looks similar to Saw Fist
Dollar Bill: Inferno Henchman. Appearance: Male, has monocle, green hair, wears suit.
Dyna-Mite: Inferno Henchman. Appearance: Female, red hair, battle goggles
Magma Commander: Status unknown. Appearance: Break Jaw's helmet, robot
Inferno Henchman: Standard trooper. Appearance: Male,Wears sock hat, whiskers, has a gold tooth
Magma Robot: Status unknown. Appearance: Has antenna for a head.
Hope that helps someone!
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

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