Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Agents story coming soon to Lego Universe

I'm working on a story for my Universe Creation Lab, it's set to have characters from the Agents Message Boards game. Check out the trailer here, and check out the rest of my Creation Lab here.

I'll post more as the project progresses.

Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Poll winners (Week (or weeks) 3)

I've been planning to post these sooner, but haven't had the time.
Dr. Inferno: 50%
Slime Face/Dr. D. Zaster: 28%
Fire Arm: 14%
Clawdette: 7%
I'm definitely surprised by the results, I thought that Clawdette would got 2nd. The next rounds will consist of 2.0 characters.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.