Monday, December 29, 2008

Lego Agents comic artist!

Hey, I was browsing the Internet this morning, and found this. This guy does most of the art for Lego, and he did the Agents comic in the July/August issue of Lego Magazine. In short, check out this blog.
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lego Agents episode 3: We Have Power! (or not.)

Lego Agents: We have power! (or not.)

I was standing in my room, admiring the posters on my wall. I was thinking about yesterday. My commander, Dr. Inferno had been captured by a team known as the Lego Agents. I had been a member of a U.S. government agency, until Inferno, who was in my unit, came claiming that our leader, Chase, had betrayed us. I was shocked. Inferno had a plan to kill Chase and his girlfriend, Claudette. I join with Inferno’s team, and tried to kill them. We got Claudette, but not Chase. Chase shot Inferno, the others, and me. Then, Inferno pulled the ring on a grenade and blew us all up. When I awoke, I had had my arm and part of my face replaced with robotic parts. My arm had been modified with a saw. Inferno came in and told me that the U.S. government was going to destroy the world, and it looked like we must take over the world before America, because America was too dangerous to fight head on. Before my thoughts could continue, my radio crackled.
“Saw-Fist, we have a mission for you.”

Lego Agents, an elite team of agents, always ready to fight evil. Go Agents!

Date: Classified
Time: 1347 hours
Location: Lego Agents HQ

It was an exciting day at Agents HQ.
“Got any three’s?” asked Trace.
“Go fish,” said Chase.
Okay, maybe not that exciting.
“Go, go! Goooooo!!!!” screamed Charge.
I stand corrected. Again.
Chase and Trace were playing “Go fish,” Charge and Fuse were watching a wrestling match.
“What’s so exciting about watching two big, hairy guys beat each other to death?” said Fuse.
“What’s not exciting ‘bout it?” replied Charge.
“Don’t get me started. Man, I am bored.”
Beep! Beep! Chase’s cell rang.
“Talk to me, dude,” said Chase. “Yes sir, I understand… Well we tried… Where? Castle, you say? Hmmmm…. All, right. Good day, Clancy.”
“What was that about?” asked Trace.
“That was Clancy,’ began Chase,” Intel reports say that Inferno’s goin’ for a attack on a old castle that’s been revamped into a museum. Inside the museum is a power gem that scientist are studying.
“The power gem!” exclaimed Trace. “I’ve been reading about it on the Internet. It could power Texas for a year!”
“Bingo,” said Chase “Inferno could make a weapon, powerful enough to blast half the world away.”
Chase and Trace walked to the cell in the MCC (Mobile Command Center). Dr. Inferno was sitting in a chair reading a book.
“What do you know about this?” demanded Trace.
“About what?” said Inferno.
“You know,” said Chase. “The power gem.”
“I know nothing.”
“Yeah, we know that,” said Trace.
“Listen,’ said Inferno,’ the Inferno team will go on, even with out me. One day, Inferno will bust me out of this trap. Just you wait, Agent Chase. Your puny team won’t survive Inferno’s blast.”

Date: Classified
Time: Classified
Location: Inferno HQ

Saw Fist was standing in front of Spy Clops.
“Break Jaw has demanded a special gem that has amazing power. You will steal it from the Castle museum where it is on display,” said Spy Clops. “There is snow on the ground, so take your snowmobile.”
Saw Fist turned to leave.
“Oh, one more thing,” said Spy Clops.
Saw Fist turned around.
“Don’t fail.”

Date: Classified
Time: 1534 hours
Location: Castle museum

Chase walked through the museum.
“See, anything?” said Trace over his radio.
“For the 34th time, no! By the way, will this backpack help me? It‘s heavy,” groaned Chase.
“Yeah, remember what’s got in it,’ said Trace,’ it will help.”
“Roger, over and out.”
Chase sighed.
“I probably shouldn’t have come here alone, but Charge and Fuse would get in the way, and Trace had to get some work done at HQ, so maybe it wasn’t a bad idea. Hey, it‘s snowing outside,” thought Chase.
Saw-Fist pulled up to the museum on a snowmobile. The snowmobile had two guns mounted on the front, and a large cannon hooked to the side. People looked and stared. It’s not everyday a guy with a saw attached to his arm, and a snowmobile with guns shows up.
Saw Fist walked to the information booth inside the museum. The woman at the booth stared at him.
“Ur, Can I help you?” asked the woman, nervously.
“Yes where is the power gem?” asked Saw Fist.
“I’m sorry, but it’s been taken off display at this time.”
“Where is it now?”
“In the lab, where it‘s safe. An Interallience agent came and told us that a terrorist organization maybe plotting to steal it.”
“Oh.” Saw Fist walked away, and found the door marked “Laboratory.”
Saw Fist pushed the door open and stepped inside. A scientist was looking through a microscope. Saw Fist grabbed him and lifted him up in the air.
“What do want?!?” asked the scientist.
“The power gem, where is it?” asked Saw Fist.
The scientist pointed to a safe. Saw Fist dropped him and stomped on his head. Saw Fist activated his saw and cut open the safe. He reach inside and pulled out the gem.
Ounga! Ounga! The alarm went off! Saw Fist ran towards the front doors. Chase ran to the lab. Then he saw Saw Fist running away. Chase ran after him.
“Stop thief!” shouted Chase.
“Make me!” shouted Saw Fist.
He ran outside, jumped on his snowmobile, and took off.
“Catch me now!” said Saw Fist as he drove down a mountain.
Chase ran towards a cliff. And jumped off.
“This better work, Trace,” said Chase.
He pushed the Agent’s logo on his jumpsuit. Two fins came out the sides off his backpack, and a rotor came out the top. The Agent’s helipack.
Saw Fist looked behind him.
“Oh, brother,” groaned Saw Fist. “Get through this, bum.” He steered into a forest.
“I’ve got you, buddy,” said Chase. He pushed a button on his watch.
“Auto-pilot mode activated,” said the watch. The helipack weaved through the trees without any problem.
Saw Fist groaned. “There must be some weakness.”
Chase pushed another button on his watch.
“Hook activated,” said the watch.
The power gem was inside a glass case that was sitting on the back of the snowmobile. A hook came out of the helipack. Chase swooped down, and the hook grabbed hold of the case, which broke off the snowmobile.
“Hey!” shouted Saw Fist, as Chase flew away. Saw Fist fired at Chase with the snowmobile’s guns. Chase turned his helipack and pull out the two sub-machine guns, that were hidden under the fins.
Blam! Chase fired at the snowmobile.
Kaboom! The snowmobile exploded as Chase’s shots hit it. Chase flew away.
Saw Fist crawled away from the wreckage. He wasn’t hurt seriously, but bruised and burned.
“Oh, boy. Spy Clops isn’t going to like this,” groaned Saw Fist.

Date: Classified
Time: 1753 hours
Location: Inferno HQ

“I’m sorry,” said Saw Fist to Spy Clops.
"Sorry doesn't get it," said Spy Clops. "Go. I will decide your punishment later."
"I will make this up to you," said Saw Fist as he walked away.

Date: Classified
Time: 1803 hours
Location: Lego Agents HQ

“Why didn’t you capture him?!?” exclaimed Trace.
“I couldn’t,’ said Chase,’ Inferno is sneaky, and I’m sure his goons are too. Saw Fist would have tried to steal the gem. I wonder what they wanted though?”
“Yeah! Go, baby, go!” screamed Charge at the TV.
“What happened?” asked Chase.
“Hairy just beat the tar out of Fat,” cracked Fuse.
“Hey!’ shouted Charge. He grabbed Fuse, threw him on the floor, and pinned him.
“Don’t you know that’s illegal?” groaned Fuse.
“Yo wouldn’t know,” said Charge.
“Cut it out,” said Chase.
“Take that!" shouted Charge as he pinned Fuse again.
“Auggggg!” shouted Chase.

Go Agents!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas stash!

Well, Christmas is almost over. I got Lego Agents missions 5 and 7, plus we haven't got the presents from the family on my Mom's side, not to mention the fact that I asked my Aunt for Mission 3. Anyhoo, I've got the money for Mission 4 now also! Yahoo! Expect me to review all, but mission 3. (If my aunt doesn't give the set, I'll probably get most of the money. Lord willing, I'll have new reviews up soon. (Not to mention episode 3 of the fanfics.) Good gravy! What am I doing sitting here? I've reviews to write! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I need your opinion...

I've received feedback only from the Lego related stuff. I've got 3 combat heroes sets left to review. If you want me to post their reviews, leave a comment. Unless you ask for them, I won't post 'em. However, if one person wants the reviews, I'll post them. Anyhoo, please leave your comments. Thanks.
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Lego Agents: Origins: Epilogue


Date: Classified
Time: Classified
Location: Inferno HQ

“Whadda mean it will cost 50 billion smackers?” said Spy-Clops.
“I mean it will cost you 50 billion for me to tell the location of the Lego Agents’ headquarters,” said Break Jaw.
“That’s a rip-off!”
“Take it or leave it.”
Spy Clops growled at Break Jaw.
“Instead of paying me the money,’ said Break Jaw as he pulled a list out of his pocket, do these things for me and I’ll tell the location.”
Spy Clops looked at the list. “One power gem, one swamp base, and 2,000 gold bars. Are you mental!?!”
“Take it or…”
“Ughhhh! I’ll take it!”
Spy Clops stormed off.
“The things I do for you, Dr. Inferno,’ muttered Spy Clops to himself,’ and I don’t even know why I‘m doing them.”

To be continued....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Since you asked...

In a poll I posted, you readers said you wanted more Agents fanfics. Don't worry, I'll try to have the epilogue up soon. Plus I've finished writing episode 3, "We Have Power! (Or Not.)" I intend to complete writing all 13 fanfics by July. Then In August, I plan to write series 2. Yep, another 10-13 episodes. That should explain why I haven't been posting!

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BTW, P.S. or whatever goes here, what you just read is true.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Combat Heroes Wave 3 images!

Awesome, huh? Let me give ya my thoughts on these.
Snake Eyes vs. Viper: I'm actually disappointed with this set. Snake's goggles are too big, and the Viper just doesn't look right to me, but I'll like him when I get him.
Crimson Guard vs. Shipwreck: I like it. The figures look good, and it has Polly!
Lady Jaye vs Major Bludd: The figures are okay, and Flint likes this set so I'd best get it.
Cobra Commander vs. Gung Ho: I'm disappointed with Gung Ho, Snakebreath looks good, but I'd rather have Scrap Iron or Iron Klaw.
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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

About the agents fanfics...

All right, here's the story on the Agents fanfic.

Originally, I had planned to compose a dio story. I spent several months building backgrounds, building props (Like Fuse's mortar as seen in another post), I read professional dio maker's tips, and well you get the picture! I even built a "cover" for it! Anyhoo, I was too lazy to write a script, and it went "kablooie" from there. The story wouldn't work, so I decided to write a fanfic, and use pictures from the dio to illistrate the story. And I got carried away. The pics wouldn't work with the story. So that the story behind the fanfic story. (I know this is a completely useless post.)

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lego Agents episode 2: Origins pt.2

Lego Agents: Origins pt.2
Groan, groan…
Chomp opened his eyes. He was laying in a smoldering pile of wreckage. Wreckage that used to be the mini-jet. He looked around. All he saw were trees, trees, and more trees.
“Where are Fuse and Charge?” wondered Chomp.
“Hey, you!”
Chomp turned around, and was staring at a man, who had four mechanical eyes, and six robotic legs, and was holding a pistol.
“Eeehaaa!” shouted Chomp, as he kicked at the monster.
The monster fired a laser from his pistol. And Chomp blacked out again.
Lego Agents, an elite team of agents, always ready to fight evil. Go Agents!
Chase drove towards the gates at 90 mph. He reached over and pressed a button on his car.
“Turbo,” bleeped the car’s computer.
Whoosh! Chase barreled towards the gate. Two men, in orange jumpsuit with Inferno logos, where standing at the gate.
“Watch out!” shouted one of the guards.
The other guard pressed the alarm button. But the alarm didn’t go off!
Chase activated the car’s guns, and shot the guards.
Chase blew down the gates, and the alarm still didn’t go off!
“Charge, Fuse, and Chomp must’ve taken out the power,” thought Chase.
But they hadn’t….
Chomp was carried to a clearing in the forest. He woke up and looked around. Several Inferno agents and soldiers stood around the clearing. Two jets and five pick-ups were sitting in the clearing.
“Fuse!” shouted Chomp.
Fuse was being held by two soldiers.
“Chomp!’ shouted Fuse,’ Good to see you alive! I just hope we can get outta here!”
Four soldiers escorted the two Agents to the six-legged monster.
“My name is Spy Clops,’ said the monster, I have you two in my clutches, but I am negotiable.”
“Negotiable how?” asked Fuse.
Charge’s motorbike crashed through the trees.
“Sorry, I’s late! Bambi’s insurance agent wanted to speak with me!” shouted Charge.
A Inferno agent, with one of his arms replaced with a saw, pulled out a pistol and fired at Charge’s front wheel. And it hit.
Charge’s cycle flipped over, and he hit the ground. Two Inferno soldiers grabbed him. Fuse noticed that Charge wasn’t making an attempt to stop them. And that wasn’t like Charge.
“I got him, I got him!” shouted the Inferno agent, who was jumping up and down.
“Very good, Saw Fist,” commended Spy Clops.
“Gold Tooth! Bring the briefcase!” shouted Spy Clops at a agent, who had a patch, gold-colored hair, and teeth made of gold.
“Here, captain,” said Gold Tooth, as he handed Spy Clops a briefcase.
Spy Clops opened the brief case. Inside was gobs of money.
“This and more will be yours,’ said Spy Clops,’ If you join Inferno.”
“Sure,” said Chomp. He walked up and took the briefcase.
“He’s playing’ thought Charge,’ Any second now he’ll pull some karate move.”
Spy Clops handed Chomp a pistol.
“Okay, Chomp, shoot your friends,” said Chomp.
Chomp pointed the gun at Charge. And pulled the trigger.
“Ouch!” shouted Charge as the laser hit his arm.
“Okay, dat’s it!” shouted Charge. He glared at Chomp.
“Yo wasn’t playin’ when yo joined these clowns!”
“No, I wasn’t,” said Chomp, calmly and sincerely.
“Okay then, if dat the way yo want it….”
Charge pointed all five fingers at Chomp. Zapppp! Electric bolts fired from his gloves hitting Chomp, Gold Tooth, Spy Clops, and Saw Fist, which knocked them out. Zappp! More bolts flew from his gloves hitting soldiers, vehicles, and a deer.
“Bambi’s insurance agency really has ah bone to pick with me,” said Charge.
“More like a beef,” said Fuse. “Hey there’s a pick-up you didn’t demolish.”
“It not over,” said a voice.
Fuse and Charge turned around, only to see Chomp holding a bazooka. Fuse grabbed a grenade off his belt, and threw it. Boom! It exploded beside Chomp, knocking him down. Charge ran towards him, and grabbed him by the shirt.
“Yo is in trouble in now,” said Charge.
“Yeah?” smirked Chomp. “Whadda gonna do about it?”
“Call yo, Break Jaw.”
And with that Charge hit him on the face, breaking Break Jaw’s jaw.
“That was harsh,” said Fuse as they climbed into the pick-up and drove away.
Chase press some buttons on the security computer that opened that opened the blast doors. Beep!
“Rejected again!?!” said Chase.
“Hands up,” said a voice behind him.
Chase turned around. A female Inferno soldier was pointing a rifle at him. Then she handed him the rifle, walked to the blast door, and opened it. Then she took off her mask.
“Guh, buh, uh, Trace!?!” stammered Chase.
“Yep,” said Trace.
“Thanks,” said Chase.
“I wasn’t sure I’d be able to deactivate the power in time.”
“Fuse and Chomp were shot down and I couldn’t get a hold of them, so I put on this disguise, walked through the gates, shut off the power, and here I am.”
“What about Fuse and Chomp?”
“I don’t know, Chase, I don’t know.”
“Great, just great.”
“Then, let’s go find the Inferno headhonco.”
Chase and Trace ran inside the building and down a long hall.
Two soldiers stepped out of a room. And wished they hadn’t.
“Nice shots,” said Trace.
“I’ve seen better,” said Chase as he put his pistol back in his holster.
They continued down the hall. They to the end of the hall. A door read, Dr. Inferno, CEO of Inferno and Evil genis.
“Some one needs to tell him how to spell ‘Genius,’” said Chase.
“Do tell,” replied Trace.
Chase kicked the door open. The room behind it was a lobby. A secretary sat at the desk. Chase grabbed her.
“Okay, lady,’ said Chase,’ where’s Inferno?”
The woman pointed to a door.
“Trace, tie her to the chair, and get all the papers you can get out of her desk,” ordered Chase.
“And you?” asked Trace.
“Dr. Inferno and I will have a little chat.”
Chase kicked open the door.
“Okay, doc!’ shouted Chase,’ Party’s over!”
The doctor turned around. And Chase couldn’t believe it.
The doctor had his hair sticking straight into the air, with orange stripes in it. His right arm was robotic, and he was missing an eye. But that wasn’t what Chase was looking at.
“Inferno,” said Chase. “The man who betrayed me.”
“Chase,” said Dr. Inferno.
Chase pulled his pistols.
“Your going to jail, old buddy,” said Chase.
“No, I’m not, old buddy,” said Inferno’
He dropped his jacket to reveal an blaster.
“Fight’s on!” shouted Chase.
He fired at Inferno. Inferno jumped out of the way, and fired. The laser hit Chase.
“Ugh!” shouted Chase as he hit the wall.
Inferno aimed his blasted at Chase.
“It’s the end of the road, Chase,” said Inferno.
Crash! The wall collapsed as an Inferno pick-up drove in.
Inferno turned his attention to the truck.
“Yaaaaaa!” shouted Chase, as he jumped towards Inferno and knocked the blaster out of his hand.
Charge and Fuse jumped out of the truck. Inferno started to run. Charge tackled him.
“Auggg!” screamed Dr. Inferno as 250 lb. of weightlifter landed on top of him.
“Guys!” shouted Chase. “Waited where’s Chomp?”
“He betrayed us,” said Fuse.
Trace ran into the room.
“Is it over yet?”
“Yeah,” said Chase. “It’s over.”
“Dere’s still at least a million soldiers in this place,” said Charge, still holding Inferno under his arm.
“Put Inferno in truck, and drive, Fuse, drive!” said Chase.
Fuse got into the driver’s seat, Charge climbed into the passenger seat, Dr. Inferno was stuffed in the middle, and Chase and Trace jumped in the bed.
Fuse stepped on the gas and drove off at top speed.
“Help!” screamed Dr. Inferno. “I’m being abducted!”
Charge pulled off his shoe, took off his holey sock, and stuffed it in Dr. Inferno’s trap!
“Put a sock in it!”
“Hang on!” shouted Chase.
They blew through the gates.
“Inferno’s men are following us!” shouted Trace, as she noticed the pick-ups chasing them.
Fuse handed Chase a bomb.
“Press the button, and throw it,” instructed Fuse.
Chase pushed the button and threw it. Boom!
“It worked,” said Chase, as he surveyed the fiery wreckage.
Date: The next day
Time: 0734 hours
Location: Agents HQ
Chase was telling Clancy the story.
“So we were able to bring back the MMC and motorbike, but the jets were destroyed,” said Chase. “Plus Chomp left us, we didn’t destroy the base, and well, sheesh, I guess you’ll want someone else to lead the Lego Agents.
Chase started to walk away.
“Wait,’ said Clancy,’ Your mission was to capture their leader, and that’s what you did.
“You mean…”
“I mean, Welcome to the Lego Agents!”
The End…for now.

I'll have an epilogue coming soon, so stay posted to S6T.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.