Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lt. Stone Review

On Sundays I'll try to start doing my reviews. We come home from my church and have a little time to do stuff.
Lt. Stone (or Stone) is one of my top 5 favorite figures.
Here he is without his belts and stuff. You can make like Duke and run if you want.

His weapons are cool and bountiful. (Note:I removed the cobra emblems from his armor.)
He has two pistols
The pistol without the silencer is my favorite
You can make a cool Mercer by adding Stone's chest plate to a Duke.
His net tool fires a net.

It also stores weapons.
File card.
Face. (scream.)
YO JOE!!!!!!
There you go Lt. Stone is reviewed. Tomorrow I'll tell you more about the cancellation of the 8" line. Also my birthday is Friday.
Gotta go,

How about a sigma smash-up with no refund.-Hi-Tech

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Keepin' the city safe!

I've been rebuilding my Lego City and Aqua Raiders sets. I combined them into a town.
"Dino Park." The name comes from the two Dinos at the front.
Construction zone and bad guy hideout.
Slash battle. The Aqua Raiders.
Coast watch HQ.

My police team. (and Lego papers.)
I added a hoop on to the police HQ.
complete shot.
That's not all I've got.
According to a web site, Hasbro said that the G.I.Joe 8" line is ending! Contact them!

Yo Joe!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why I do what I do.

Okay, for nearly two months I've had this blog going. And I think I need to explain some things. I'm not trying to be offensive, but trying to tell you my thoughts.
1. I am an Independent Fundamental Baptist.
2. I do not and will not use God's name in vain. I will also delete any comments that use his name in vain.
3. I don't post anything that would go against what the Bible says.
4. If I make a custom female figure, I will NOT give her any weapons, but will put a skirt or dress on her.
5. I believe God created the earth, and evolution is a fairy-tale.
6. I use only, and only the 1611 KJV Bible.
7. I do not listen to or endorse Rock n' Roll music.
8. God CAN'T lie.
9. God lives.
10. I am not a Baptist preacher.
Again, I am not trying to be offensive, but telling you why I do what I do.
Gotta go,

He's hurtin' for certain, but a long way from dead.-Shockwave

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Aaron finally opened Gung Ho!
Some quick photos.

I also bought the 2" unseen enemy set.
I love the Snake Eyes.
I bought the set for $2.48, and for Hi-Tech.

Been busy at school. Tomorrow I'll try to review Lt. Stone, and then Gung Ho. I also found The Entire Combat Squad! Couldn't buy them though.
Gotta go,

"You're the new leader of the week, hey? I've killed better."-Cobra Commander.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

G.I.LEGO dio!

Well I got bored Sunday afternoon, and made another goofy mini-dio.'
In the battle the joes battle...
..and capture Dr. Scientwist.
He's transported on the battle boat to the G.I.Joe HQ, the D.AR.C.C.
Turbo flies his copter, and breaks Dr. Scientwist out of jail. They begin to escape, and thing go great for them.
Except for one minor little detail.

The missile doesn't miss, and knocks the copter out of the sky!
I made two new figs, first up Lockdown!
Next Low-Light!
I haven't been postin' lately 'cause of school starting. My birthday is August 3. We're planning a big water gun fight. (Knowing my luck a three year old will beat me.)

Oh, I'm not alone.- Flint, Heavy Metal comic.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lots of Legos!

I modified some of my custom G.I.Joe Lego figs and made some new ones yesterday, and here they are. Left to Right.
Top: Recondo w/ black bandanna, Duke, Lt. Torpedo, Flint w/ Beret
Bottom: Sgt. Boulder, Grand Slam.
Here are some better pics of the tower.

On the bottom floor is small food shop.
Above it is a place for storage.
On the next level is a cell for captured bad guys.

Here's the computer center. I also added a fire escape.
On the next level is a repair bay for the Metal Mayhem.
On the top floor are controls for the firing rocket launcher.
Today I created a Lego web page! View it here. Hope you like it.
"Wrong, we're the dummies."- Duke