Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Metal Mayhem!!!!!

My Mom and brother found the Metal Mayhem! Behold!

It's not a bad mech vehicle. Snake-Eyes is a little cheap. Review it later.

Say it again Joe. It's music to my ears!-Wild Weasel

Desert Wolf Review

When Hasbro announced that the Sigma 6 line would change to a new name, my first thought was "You're joking." But they weren't. So far the new RAH line seems to do a good job of continuing the Sigma 6 style. Hasbro's combat squad is based on the 12" line. When I saw the combat squad, Shockwave was considered the best, and Leatherneck the worst. (Really, he is.)
Desert Wolf wasn't noticed until some bozo said he was Beachhead. Anyhoo he's Desert Wolf, and he's cool. He's SOOOOOOO realistic, yet very sigma.
Here he is with his gear. The helmet and belt are too big.
Without gear. The head is the same as the FA Duke's
The head
His arms are cheeeeeeap.
Weapons. All repaints.

His rifle has three modes...
and missile.
The rifle is Grand Slam's and grenades are T Rat's
The case is the same as the Sigma 6 figs, except it has the "Sigma 6" filled in.
The combat squad figs come with a key chain shaped like a dog tag. On it is the RAH mark and words, G.I.Joe A Real American Hero.
In the Metal Mayhem. Doesn't look as good as when Duke is in it.
Getting out wasn't so pretty either.
Final shot.
If you find D.W., buy him! He's worth the $15. Oh, he doesn't have a file card.
Next is Shockwave!

Watch out Cobra!-Kamakura

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Red Case Duke!!!!!

Yeah, I found him. The differences are new dog tags, no Sigma logo, packaging, and kung fu grip.

See the original review here.

How the mighty have fallen.-Cobra Commander

Gung-Ho Review

Well I finally got off the couch and took some photos of Gung-Ho. Here's his review.
His shirt has USMC on it.
The head's totally new. It's also bigger than the other heads.
He's got a couple of weapons. I don't really like any of them, except for the machine gun.

The gun is the best part of the fig, And it's not that cool.
The multi-tool thingymabob is kinda awkward
File card.
Gung-Ho with Desert Wolf and Long Range
Next is Desert Wolf.
I found a red case FA Duke on clearance! $11.00! Post pics later. I also added a site map to this blog. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see it.

Perfect timing.-Flint

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeee!

I am thirteeeeeeeeen! (Whether you think it or not.) I got some Really neat stuff and here are some photos. I know I'm not updating enough, but bare with me, okay?
In the 8" line I got.....
Windblade Snake-Eyes: Pretty cool!
Camo Long Range: Okay, I'm not a big fan of him.
Ninja Flames Kamakura: Awesome fig. Love it.
Desert Wolf: (I'm spoiled.) I love him. Better version of Long Range.
Shockwave: Oh ya! Not as cool now that I have him, yet cool.
Close-up of combat squad.
2" stuff....
R.H.I.N.O. Works for 2". Cool features.
Thunderwave: Cool lookin'.
Dune Runner: The pull-back motor is a cool feature.
Lego Aqua Raiders Angler Ambush. Cool for a small set.
Well that's what I got. I'll try to review them soon.
Gotta go,

Ya, but's more fun when we're out numbered.-Duke

Thursday, August 2, 2007

G.I.Joe 8" line n' more

I mentioned that I would give some info on a deal with the G.I.Joe 8" line ending. This was on a well-known, never incorrect (well, I say never incorrect.) G.I.Joe fan site. Someone goofed and a report was made that in 2008 the 8" line would end. Other than what was in the display case at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con), other planned future figures would not be made. This included Short-Fuse, Zanzibar, and Wrecking Ball (Who ever he is.). But...... Lo and Behold Short-Fuse was in the display case at SDCC. Another guy also talked to Hasbro. The line won't end unless sales are bad. in fact, we'll see G.I.Joe himself, Dusty, and another Wet-Suit in the Adventure Team line. However, the 25th line will be the main line, and the 8" won't be promoted much. I complained to Hasbro and told them to give the line more promotion. You can do the same here!
Also I down-loaded the new version of Lego Digital Designer yesterday. I love it! You can find out more here. And check out the new Mars Mission site. It's cool!
Gotta go,
Tag, your it!-Duke