Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Desert Wolf Review

When Hasbro announced that the Sigma 6 line would change to a new name, my first thought was "You're joking." But they weren't. So far the new RAH line seems to do a good job of continuing the Sigma 6 style. Hasbro's combat squad is based on the 12" line. When I saw the combat squad, Shockwave was considered the best, and Leatherneck the worst. (Really, he is.)
Desert Wolf wasn't noticed until some bozo said he was Beachhead. Anyhoo he's Desert Wolf, and he's cool. He's SOOOOOOO realistic, yet very sigma.
Here he is with his gear. The helmet and belt are too big.
Without gear. The head is the same as the FA Duke's
The head
His arms are cheeeeeeap.
Weapons. All repaints.

His rifle has three modes...
and missile.
The rifle is Grand Slam's and grenades are T Rat's
The case is the same as the Sigma 6 figs, except it has the "Sigma 6" filled in.
The combat squad figs come with a key chain shaped like a dog tag. On it is the RAH mark and words, G.I.Joe A Real American Hero.
In the Metal Mayhem. Doesn't look as good as when Duke is in it.
Getting out wasn't so pretty either.
Final shot.
If you find D.W., buy him! He's worth the $15. Oh, he doesn't have a file card.
Next is Shockwave!

Watch out Cobra!-Kamakura

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