Friday, September 19, 2008

Combat Heroes Wave 2 pics!

This is wave 2 of the Combat Heroes line-up. See pics.

Beach Head vs. Baroness: This is the first set I don't care for, but I'll get 'cause I like the Beach Head character. As for the Baroness, I'm going to use her for experimenting on. ;)

Sepentor vs. Flint: Very nice set. I'm not a fan of Flint or Serpentor, but I like the figures in this set so I'll get it.
Storm Shadow vs. BBQ: I really like SS, but I'm not his biggest fan, and I rarely think about BBQ! However, the figures look good, and I need an SS to battle my Snake Eyes.

Destro vs. Scarlett: Hasbro did a awesome job on this set, both figures look good. I'll definantly pick up this set. Besides if I don't, the Duke figure I'm gonna try to get, will

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lego Agents Review Mission 1: Jet Pack Pursuit

Okay, here it is, the Mission 1 review. It took a lot to get this review up, so I hope you like it!
The mini-figs. I covered Chase in this review, this isn't any different other than the piece on his neck.
Saw Fist is okay, but his saw is toooooooooooooo big. I seem to mess with him a lot though.
This is a "jet pack!" Good gravy, obviously Lego doesn't know what a heli-pack is! Okay, enough raving and ranting. It is a nice piece, but it kinda large. The hoses pop off and that bugs me. However the "jet pack is extremely fun to play with, and I use it a lot.

Here's the "wench" that Lego is making a fuss over. All it is is a Jack Stone crane piece.

Saw Fist's snowmobile is to big to be a snowmobile! I didn't think that I would enjoy it, but it has become one of my most used pieces in my collection.
Box pics.

Overall rating 3 of 5.
Check out this new dio about this set.

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I now have the Volcano Base . I'll review it ASAP.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lego Agents Review: Mission 6: Mobile Command Center

Okay I know it took a while to get this review up but it beats the Shockwave review. (Which was never posted.)

I’ll review the mini-figs one at a time.
Chase: Chase is my favorite character from the Agents line, so I like his mini-fig. He has a two-sided head, one side is a sunglasses-wearing calm look (My favorite of the two.), and the other side is the grumpy World City cop face. (Don’t get me wrong I loved World City, and owned most of the sets. Not to mention my favorite World City mini-fig is the grumpy cop.)
Trace: A well-done mini-fig. Her torso is made to make her look more feminine, which I’m not for. I reckon the lipstick wasn’t enough. ;) Her hairpiece is loose, but it probably just my mini-fig. She has a two-sided head. One side is a calm, confident face, and the other is a scared face.
Charge: I covered pretty much everything in this review.
Fuse: Fuse is okay, not my favorite, but why in the dickens does he have the hairpiece as Chase?
Dr Inferno: I like the idea of a mad scientist vs. the Agents, and Dr. Inferno is a MAD scientist. His orange and black hair is weird like it should be. His hairpiece is made of some type of rubber which doesn’t allow it to break as easily. His robotic arm is a little longer than his regular arm, but it doesn’t matter to me.
Spy Clops: Nice mini-fig. The legs are okay, and his bazooka is AWESOME!
Pilot Gold Tooth: Gold Tooth is probably the least on my list. He is okay, but nothing special.

Pics of the vehicles. My favorites are the Mini-jet and car.

A look at the truck. It is one nice piece. (Or pieces.) It doesn’t seem to resemble any real-life truck.

The “missiles” are not what I expected, they don’t fire. They are just a pretty decoration. ;)
A peek at the top of the cab. There is gap here, probably to put a motor in. (Lord knows how awesome that would be.)
The back. Get a nice view of Fuse and Charge’s backs. ;)
Full pic of the trailer.
The front part is where there are two computers for Trace. The Screens are the same. Phooey.

Next we find a medical cabinet with working drawers! It’s about time! A very nice feature.
This is the best ''section'' of the trailer. This "section" is where the computer is, and where the tools are stored.
The projector actually works! The camera I’m using doesn’t show the projected image however, sorry.

Next is a crane, nothing to get worked up over.
Next are some storage compartments. These contain diving gear and 2 laptops.

This side contains the cell and some tools and guns.

On the other side of the trailer is a lever. When flipped it takes out part of the back of the trailer and…
Now I’ll show how the mini-vehicles fit inside the trailer.
The four-wheeler fits on the repair bay.
Two panels fold down on the bottom and the car and dingy fit inside.

The jet slides on to the flap that fold out. The wings and tail fin fold in so the flap can be closed.

Part of the back of the trailer pulls out, and the jet-ski can be placed on the piece, than slid back into the trailer.

View of the total trailer opened.
Truck and trailer
Gold Tooth’s jet. I like this jet, it is a fairly large, but no match for the truck!
Pics of the box.

Instructions. The 1154 pieces on the box was scary enough, but 4 manuals!!! Good Grief!
Overall rating: 5 out of 5

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I now have mission 1 so I'll review it ASAP.
Duke94 out.