Friday, September 19, 2008

Combat Heroes Wave 2 pics!

This is wave 2 of the Combat Heroes line-up. See pics.

Beach Head vs. Baroness: This is the first set I don't care for, but I'll get 'cause I like the Beach Head character. As for the Baroness, I'm going to use her for experimenting on. ;)

Sepentor vs. Flint: Very nice set. I'm not a fan of Flint or Serpentor, but I like the figures in this set so I'll get it.
Storm Shadow vs. BBQ: I really like SS, but I'm not his biggest fan, and I rarely think about BBQ! However, the figures look good, and I need an SS to battle my Snake Eyes.

Destro vs. Scarlett: Hasbro did a awesome job on this set, both figures look good. I'll definantly pick up this set. Besides if I don't, the Duke figure I'm gonna try to get, will

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