Friday, February 27, 2009

Power Miners Mine Mech review

Yeah, I know, I'm late getting this up again.

If there was any Power Miners (PM) set, I wouldn't buy, it would be this one. I mean, It's weird-looking, it's driven by an old man (Brains), and it's from Power Miners! Power Miners is wried! They go underground and attacked by rock monsters, that are smaller than them! And the monsters have no weapons of any sort! (I'm just glad that the monsters will getting better in Summer. Then I might reconsider.) The only reason I bought this was the fact that I had a Wal-Mart gift card for ten bucks, and I noticed this set had a dynamite bundle, which I've been wanting. Sorry if this review is a bit on the negative side.

Brains is part of the reason I was turned off to PM. He's an old man! Why is the government going to send an old man to fight rock monsters? Actually, I like his body and blue helmet. They both look pretty cool. When you turn his head around, it reveals a scared face. If these are a bunch of brave men, why pray tell, every time you turn their heads, they are freaked out?!?

Blouderax is weird! If we were gonna have rock monsters, they could at least looked cooler. Oh, well. The crystal was a piece that I didn't have, and it looks neat. It'll go well on some customs.

The crystal does fit in Boulderax's mouth. (Note, it doesn't stick up as high as it looks in the picture. I put the crystal on Brain's head, and put both in his mouth so you could see the crystal.)
Size comparison. When I pulled Boulderax out of the box, I yelled, "Good Grief! That's a small rock monster!" I mean, sheesh, these rock monsters aren't a match for the miners, whither the miners are using their machines or not! It's pathetic! I almost feel sorry for these things! (Almost.)

The tools are included are a pick ax and a bundle of DIN-O-MITE! The dynamite lives up to Lego fan's expectations, it's a very study and cool-looking piece. (Besides it's the only weapon the Power Miner have.)

The dynamite does fit in boulderax's mouth, which makes this set a little more fun. ;)

Now for the mech itself. Oh, boy. Why isn't this mech like the Exo-Force mechs? Nuts. This a major disappointment.

From what they tell me, the claw is made of Bionicle pieces. I say it looks weird, Bionicle pieces or not.

The rock cutter tool bis simply a cutter on a stick. Nothing to see here.

Shots from the instruction manuals.

A look at the back of the box.

Playability: 3 of 5
Money value: 2 of 5
Overall: 2 of 5
Next Lego Agents Mission 3, and Power Miners Thunder Driller.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Monday, February 23, 2009

G.I.Joe Action Battlers

When this blog was started, I had no intention to blog only about Legos. My plan was to blog about G.I.Joes, mainly, and occasionally, Legos. So if you don't like G.I.Joes, there's nothing to see here.
I only collect the Sigma 6, 8", and Combat Heroes scales of G.I.Joe. So when the Action Battlers came out at Toy Fair, I was happy. Now I know these aren't near as movable, as the Sigma 6 8", but they're 8"! If these sell, maybe Hasbro will put out more regular 8". (Actually these are 7", but when you look at some of the 8", they're really 7".

Take a look at the figures.
Snake Eyes

Storm Shadow.

Cobra Viper. (Awesome troop builder! I want a few of these!)
Anyhoo, don't worry. The next post will be about Legos.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Agents 2.0 FAQ

There are a lot of questions roaming the Internet about Lego Agents 2.0, Since S6T is your one-stop Agents source I will answer those questions.
Q. Will Lego Agents continue into 2009?
Q. What is Agents 2.0?
A. The Agents '09 sets are under the name Lego Agents 2.0, which is a very good idea. It's amazing what can happen, if you change the name a little.
Q. Is that an new agent in the Ariel Defense Unit?
A. Yes, there is a new female agent in the cockpit.
Q. Are there any more new Agents in the series?
A. Yes, Chase is NOT in the Gold Tooth's Getaway set, another Agents is, as reviled at Toy Fair. He has a blond flattop, and looks a whole lot like Duke from G.I.Joe!
Q. Wait, you're telling me that the 2009 Agents sets pictures you posted to your blog are incorrect?
A. Kinda, they are preliminary, so that means that some of the things in the set pictures are messed up.
Q. Does Break Jaw leave Inferno in Agents 2.0?
A. I don't think so, at first glance at the preliminary pictures, you think that he has, considering that in the Ariel Defense Unit he is wearing a new suit. Actually, that a robot of him, not Break Jaw himself, plus the robot has an Inferno logo.
Q. Any new Inferno's?
A. Yes, there will be a red-haired woman in the river heist, the other guy is a henchman in a black suit. There maybe more in the final products, but as of now, no.
Q. Will there be store-exclusives?
A. Maybe, Lego hasn't said anything about it, but maybe...
Hope that settles some debates! If you have any other questions, drop me a line in the form of a comment.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lego Agents episode 4: Map Quest

Lego Agents: Map Quest

Date: Classified
Time: Classified
Location: Inferno HQ

Break Jaw walked into a room. Spy Clops turned and handed him a picture. It was a picture of an elevated shack with steps going down to a bridge that crossed over a deep marsh.
“That’s the swamp base you wanted, Break Jaw,” said Spy Clops.
“Is it in the proper location?” asked Break Jaw.
“Yes, why do you need a base in Louisiana?”
Break Jaw pulled a paper out of his pocket.
“The map to Brickbeard’s treasure!” exclaimed Spy Clops. “It was hid over 400 years ago! Where did you get that map?”
“I stole it from a museum,” said Break Jaw. “The treasure isn’t your normal jewels and doubloons.”
“What is it?”
“Power gems.”
“I need the power gems. I am working on a new type of genetic engineering, and power gems will help me build my equipment.
With that, Break Jaw turned and walked away.

Date: Classified
Time: Classified
Location: Agents HQ

“Go fish,” said Trace.
“Okay,” said Fuse.
Chase walked to the table where the rest of the Agents were playing a card game.
“Hey guys, Clancy just called me. A map was stolen from another museum,” said Chase.
“Good gravy!” said Charge. “Another museum?”
“Again?” said Trace.
“Ya, I’m afraid so,’ said Chase,’ It was another museum.
“Can I go?” asked Charge.
“I don’t know…”
Charge got on his knees, begging.
“Okay, okay, sheesh.”
“Take your motorbike. You should ask around, and see if anyone has any clues.”
“Yippee! Thank yew, thank yew, Chase!”
“The things I do for my team! Sheesh!” Chase walked away.
“He get’s tense easy,” said Fuse.
"He's still cute," said Trace.
"Huh?" replied Fuse.

Date: Classified
Time: 0953 hours
Location: Museum. The one where the map was stolen. Duh.

Charge’s bike drove into the parking lot.
“Remember,’ said Trace, over the computer on the motorbike,’ It would be a good idea to put on a disguise.”
“Okay, got it,” said Charge.
“Have a good time at the museum,” said the ticket woman to a family.
She looked up, and wished she hadn’t.
“Zon, pleaze,” said the man in front of her. He was dressed in a button-up shirt, a kilt, a sombrero, and had a French mustache. The woman stared for a minute, then finally handed him a ticket.
“Have… a… nice…day…..,” said the woman.
Charge walked through the museum.
“Look, Mommy, a clown!” shouted a kid.
“Today’s styles are so strange,” said an old woman.
Charge stepped into an empty room and pulled his Agents communication pad, or ACP. (It looks like an I-pod, but it works like cell, and has a camera so you can see who you’re talking to.)
“Hello?" said Charge," Chase?”
“This is Cha… What are you wearing?!?”
“A kilt, a sombrero, a…”
“I know what you’re wearing, but why, pray tell, ?!?”
“Yo girlfriend told…”
“You know, Trace.”
“Tra…She is not my G.F., mister wise guy.”
“Me?!? A wise guy? Thanks! Mah mama said that I’d always be stupid, but now my own commander just dat I’m wise!”
“I said that, when did your mom say that you were stupid?”
“After I broke her grandfather clock. And my grandma’s arm.”
“How did you… Never mind. Just take off that stupid disguise and search that museum, Pedro.

“You found what?” Charge was talking into his ACP again.
“Trace sent off a fly cam, to look over the area, where you are,” said Fuse. “It located a alligator, with a Inferno logo on it‘s snout.”
“An gator?”
“Okay I’m going to where da critter was seen.”
Even later…
Charge drove his bike up to where the gator had been seen. Alligator tracks were across the mud, and lead into the swamp.
“Looks like I’m gonna get dirty.”
He pressed a button on his bike. His boosters activated. And he drove into the swamp with incredible speed. Charge swerved left and right, trying to avoid trees, deep mud, and roots. Mud splattered on his clothes.
“Ick,” said Charge. He turned his to wipe mud off of his jumpsuit. And hit the root that just happened to be there.
“Ugggggg!” shouted Charge as he flew through the air!
SPLAT! Charge looked up.
“Great, just great,” groaned Charge. “I crashed mah bike, I’ve got mud in mah underroos, and…Yikes!”
Then an alligator rose out of the swamp! Charge reached into his holster, and fired. Blam! The laser bounced off of the animal. That’s when Charge noticed it.
“It’s got ah implant with an Inferno symbol on it’s snout.” He held out his hand and zapped the gator’s implant with his electric gloves. The implant popped and blew up.
“Opps,” said Charge. The alligator was fine except for the fact that it had a burn mark on it’s nose! And it wasn’t happy. Charge ran back to the bike. The alligator moved towards him. Charge picked up the bike turned the key. VROOOOOOM! The bike started with a roar. Charge drove off leaving the gator in the mud.
“Inferno must not be far away,” thought Charge.
Then he saw it. A dirt road up in front of him! Charge drove onto the road. Ahead was a bridge, that lead to an elevated shack. A large Inferno logo was on top of the roof.
“Bingo!” said Charge.
Break Jaw was standing in the shack studying a map of the swamp. BING! The sonar blipped. Break Jaw ran to the computer.
“An Agent!?!’ shouted Break Jaw,’ in my domain?”
Charge drove towards the bridge. A rocket pod lay up ahead on the bridge. WHOOSH! The rockets flew towards Charge. Charge pressed a button. Lasers from the bike intercepted the missiles. Charge drove up the ramp and into the bridge.
Break Jaw drew his ninja sword and ran to the top of the stairs. Charge jump off his motorbike and stood at the bottom of the stairs.
“Break Jaw!” shouted Charge.
“Charge, you were a fool to not accept Inferno’s offer,” said Break Jaw. “It has great benefits, like free bases to those like who want them.”
“Yo mean junkyards like this,” said Charge. He drew his pistol, and fired. Break Jaw deflected it with his sword. The laser flew back and blew the pistol of Charge’s hand. “Ug!”
Break Jaw drew HIS pistol and fired. “Ha, Ha, Ha,’ he laughed,’ You have no way to defend your self.”
“Oh yeah?” said Charge. He pointed his fingers at Break Jaw, and zapped the pistol out of his hand.
“You will pay!” shouted Break Jaw. He ran down the stairs toward Charge. Charge fired a bolt at him. Break Jaw tried to deflect it with his sword. The bolt hit the metal sword. ZAAPPP! Break Jaw dropped the sword and grabbed his wrist. “Owwww!”
“Yo forgit dat metal is a conductah of electricity? He pushed past Break Jaw and ran into the shack. The map was laying on a table. Charge grabbed it and stuffed it in a pouch on his jumpsuit. Break Jaw ran down the stairs and jumped over the bridge, into a boat below. But not before placing a detonator on the bridge. Charge down the stairs, hopped on his bike, and revved it up.
BOOOOOOMMMMMMM! The shack blew to pieces! The bike flew out of the explosion with Charge hanging on for dear life!

Date: Classified
Time: One hour later.
Location: Agents HQ

“Anything?” asked Chase.
“Yeah, did Hambone contact you?” questioned Fuse.
“No,” said Trace. “He hasn’t contact me at all in the last hour.”
“Dere was ah reason for dat.”
Chase, Trace, and Fuse turned around. “Charge!”
Charge stood in front of them. His suit was burned and ripped. His flattop was flat for real, and he was holding a map.
“Nice,” said Chase.
“What did you do,’ cracked Fuse,’ jump in a volcano?”
“I got caught in a explosion…and dat all yo need to know.” groaned Charge.
“Why didn’t you contact me?” asked Trace.
“Mah radio was damaged in da explosion,” said Charge,” Along with da bike.”
“You could’ve used a payphone,” snickered Fuse.
“I didn’t have any cents,” replied Charge.
“So, we’ve noticed,” said Fuse.
“Never mind him, Charge,” said Chase. “You did good.”
“I rule!” shouted Charge. He jump into the air and landed on his rear. “Ouch!”
Go Agents!

Next episode: Fool’s gold.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

News from Toy Fair!

Finally got some news from Toy Fair!

Good news: Lego Agents were not at Toy Fair. Why is it good news? Because something else is coming. Agents 2.0! It's a continuation of Leog Agents, but with a new name, new characters, new vehicles, and new battles! I am happy like you wouldn't believe!

Good news: Lego has signed a deal with Disney to make Prince of Persia (A video game series and up-coming movie) sets. The deal also included Cars Duplo sets for the Cars sequel, Cars 2. I'm a big Cars fan, but I won't buy Duplo sets. Also for release are Toy Story duplo sets! But not only, Duplo sets, regular Lego sets!!!!! Good Grief! When I got into Legos, I thought Toy Story Legos would awesome! Now I get to find out how cool it is!

Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Knight! Lego Agents 2009 Pictures!!!!!

All right! Agents pictures! I'm gonna let you know what I think about these! And if you can't tell, I am super excited! I've noticed that there is a new body-armor piece in every set. Sweet!
Gold Tooth's Getaway
Awesome! The motorbike is sweet! My only question is... Is Chase driving an F1 race car?
River Heist
New Infernos!?! Or are they Clawdette and Break Jaw?!? I thought Break Jaw had left! Actually that looks like Fire Arm in a Break Jaw disguise, and Clawdette in a new suit!

Four-wheeling Pursuit.
Totally not what I was expecting! (And that's a good thing.) Maybe the monster truck needs work but a mutant Dr. Inferno?!? All right! (Maybe it's a preview for a new movie, Dr. Inferno and Mr. Hyde!)

Robo Attack
An Inferno mech?!? 'Bout time! The Agents vehicles rule too! But civilians?!? Sweet! When I need civilians for something I have to build some, but no more!
The Ariel Defense Unit.
Oh, man, oh man! Awesome! A two-rotor chopper? A new female Agent? A traitor? Wow! This is on my list of sets to buy!

I was holding my breath for these sets, and I am NOT disappointed!
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.
EDIT: Yes, Iron Man, that is a female Agents pilot. Wait 'till you see what her role will be on my fanfics! BTW, if you click on the pictures, it will enlarge them for you, so you can get a better look!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Panther Squad!

I don't know why I never posted this, but are you an Agents fan? Do you want to save cyberspace from evil villains? Do you have what it takes to beat a villain? Good, the Agents need YOU!
I've started a new sub-team called the Panther Squad. If you want to join me, go to the Agents HQ 2 thread, and click on page 28.
BTW, I joined the game back in Dec. and to be honest, that and the Wii have been consuming most of my time, so if you don't have a lot of time to do something like this (Or run a news blog) don't get involved. (It's addicting.)
Anyhoo, Yo Joe and Duke94 out.