Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Knight! Lego Agents 2009 Pictures!!!!!

All right! Agents pictures! I'm gonna let you know what I think about these! And if you can't tell, I am super excited! I've noticed that there is a new body-armor piece in every set. Sweet!
Gold Tooth's Getaway
Awesome! The motorbike is sweet! My only question is... Is Chase driving an F1 race car?
River Heist
New Infernos!?! Or are they Clawdette and Break Jaw?!? I thought Break Jaw had left! Actually that looks like Fire Arm in a Break Jaw disguise, and Clawdette in a new suit!

Four-wheeling Pursuit.
Totally not what I was expecting! (And that's a good thing.) Maybe the monster truck needs work but a mutant Dr. Inferno?!? All right! (Maybe it's a preview for a new movie, Dr. Inferno and Mr. Hyde!)

Robo Attack
An Inferno mech?!? 'Bout time! The Agents vehicles rule too! But civilians?!? Sweet! When I need civilians for something I have to build some, but no more!
The Ariel Defense Unit.
Oh, man, oh man! Awesome! A two-rotor chopper? A new female Agent? A traitor? Wow! This is on my list of sets to buy!

I was holding my breath for these sets, and I am NOT disappointed!
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.
EDIT: Yes, Iron Man, that is a female Agents pilot. Wait 'till you see what her role will be on my fanfics! BTW, if you click on the pictures, it will enlarge them for you, so you can get a better look!

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iron man said...

cool! is that a new agent in the cockpit of the arial defence unit