Sunday, February 15, 2009

News from Toy Fair!

Finally got some news from Toy Fair!

Good news: Lego Agents were not at Toy Fair. Why is it good news? Because something else is coming. Agents 2.0! It's a continuation of Leog Agents, but with a new name, new characters, new vehicles, and new battles! I am happy like you wouldn't believe!

Good news: Lego has signed a deal with Disney to make Prince of Persia (A video game series and up-coming movie) sets. The deal also included Cars Duplo sets for the Cars sequel, Cars 2. I'm a big Cars fan, but I won't buy Duplo sets. Also for release are Toy Story duplo sets! But not only, Duplo sets, regular Lego sets!!!!! Good Grief! When I got into Legos, I thought Toy Story Legos would awesome! Now I get to find out how cool it is!

Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

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