Friday, February 27, 2009

Power Miners Mine Mech review

Yeah, I know, I'm late getting this up again.

If there was any Power Miners (PM) set, I wouldn't buy, it would be this one. I mean, It's weird-looking, it's driven by an old man (Brains), and it's from Power Miners! Power Miners is wried! They go underground and attacked by rock monsters, that are smaller than them! And the monsters have no weapons of any sort! (I'm just glad that the monsters will getting better in Summer. Then I might reconsider.) The only reason I bought this was the fact that I had a Wal-Mart gift card for ten bucks, and I noticed this set had a dynamite bundle, which I've been wanting. Sorry if this review is a bit on the negative side.

Brains is part of the reason I was turned off to PM. He's an old man! Why is the government going to send an old man to fight rock monsters? Actually, I like his body and blue helmet. They both look pretty cool. When you turn his head around, it reveals a scared face. If these are a bunch of brave men, why pray tell, every time you turn their heads, they are freaked out?!?

Blouderax is weird! If we were gonna have rock monsters, they could at least looked cooler. Oh, well. The crystal was a piece that I didn't have, and it looks neat. It'll go well on some customs.

The crystal does fit in Boulderax's mouth. (Note, it doesn't stick up as high as it looks in the picture. I put the crystal on Brain's head, and put both in his mouth so you could see the crystal.)
Size comparison. When I pulled Boulderax out of the box, I yelled, "Good Grief! That's a small rock monster!" I mean, sheesh, these rock monsters aren't a match for the miners, whither the miners are using their machines or not! It's pathetic! I almost feel sorry for these things! (Almost.)

The tools are included are a pick ax and a bundle of DIN-O-MITE! The dynamite lives up to Lego fan's expectations, it's a very study and cool-looking piece. (Besides it's the only weapon the Power Miner have.)

The dynamite does fit in boulderax's mouth, which makes this set a little more fun. ;)

Now for the mech itself. Oh, boy. Why isn't this mech like the Exo-Force mechs? Nuts. This a major disappointment.

From what they tell me, the claw is made of Bionicle pieces. I say it looks weird, Bionicle pieces or not.

The rock cutter tool bis simply a cutter on a stick. Nothing to see here.

Shots from the instruction manuals.

A look at the back of the box.

Playability: 3 of 5
Money value: 2 of 5
Overall: 2 of 5
Next Lego Agents Mission 3, and Power Miners Thunder Driller.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

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