Friday, October 3, 2008

Lego Agents Mission 8 Review: Volcano Base

Okay, as usual it has taken me awhile to get this thing up. I have a good excuse, however, I am working on a Lego Agents diorama story, and it's a pain in the neck to work on. And I mean pain. Hopefully I'll get it completed and maybe not.
Lego has out-done themselves on the Agents line, and this set is just as cool as the others. This set might be better off getting released next year as the big set for every Lego line, but I guess if Lego continues Lego Agents into next year than they'll have something just as cool for us. ( I hope.)
The mini-figs.
For the agents, we get Pilot Chase, Trace, and Prisoner Fuse.
I pretty much covered everything about them in this review. They all have 2-sided heads. Pilot Chase and Trace have pistols, and Fuse has, um, handcuffs.
The bad guys (and gal) are Dr. Inferno, Claw-dette, and Fire Arm.
Doc Inferno was covered here.
Claw-dette: Decent mini-fig. I think she's meant to be the Baroness rip-off. (So where's Destro's alter-ego?)
Fire Arm: I don't like this mini-fig that much. He looks too much like Saw-Fist. His tool is supposed to be a flame thrower. (I guess.)
The helicopter looked pretty bad when I first saw it, but now that I have it I like it a lot.

The bottom is where the net is stored. I saw a review of this set on another site (don't remember the name), I figured the net would fall right out. Not so. The net fits in nice and snug.

Now for the volcano, itself. This is one cool base! The set is this, and becomes...
To your right of the volcano, all we get here is a big targeting screen. (Guess ol' Dr. Inferno needs eyeglasses.)

The front doors are nice, and fold together nicely. They come off from time to time. But all things said, they're pretty cool.

The cannon is big, but not too big. Not a whole lot to say.

Now to the left side. There is a small computer, the monorail, and radar dish.

One minor note about the radar dish, I had to add a leftover part to keep the antenna in the dish.
The monorail is nice, and being a two seater is always a bonus.
Now for the fire pit. Fuse is hanging on for dear plastic, and I think the fire pit is pretty cool.
The interior don't have much, but it seems to have enough features for Inferno to operate.

This side has one stupid tank. And that it. Maybe it will work for storage.
Inferno's throne is a nice combo of parts, but the screens aren't that detailed. Bummer.
Inferno's cannon is held up well, and doesn't tend to slide down like I expected.
The computer center is great! The screen shows the power gem from Mission 1. The chair is elevated, but that doesn't mean much to me.
Two instruction manuals. Sure beats the 4 manuals for Mission 6.

Box pics.

Please leave a comment. I'd like to know your opinions about the reviews. Also that dio should be up by December, if I post it up.
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Blake said...

WOW! thats reaaaaaaaly long. But i liked it. It took me forever to read it. I don't have volcano base yet,but I want it.

Kirk Dusting said...

Cool, nice review. I found a website that told you all about the new lego agents for 2009, and so put them up on wikiepedia. just type in 'Lego Agents'