Thursday, October 9, 2008

G.I.Joe vs. Lego Agents

Some of you of you are probably wondering about why I've posting so much Lego Agents. Believe me, it frustrates me too, when someone goes to another line. I'm not dropping out of G.I.Joe. The church I go to has a fall festival every year, and almost everyone comes in a costume. (It is kinda an alternative to halloween. We don't celebrate it, and none of the costumes at the festival are ghosts, wizards, and all that. Here's my costume. (Duke)

Anyway, I'm not dropping out of G.I.Joe, there is a place for that line inside of me, but Hasbro just didn't put out anything that I felt okay about reviewing. The 25th/Modern Era replaced the 8" and most don't look good/aren't accurate. (See Breaker, Red Star, Serpentor, etc.) Up until the Combat Heroes. Now the combat heroes are out, and I'm looking for them. Once I get them I will review them. In other words, Joe fans hang in there, I'll have some Joe stuff sooner or later. But as for now...
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

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