Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lego Agents Review: Mission 2 Swamp Raid

It has been awhile since I did review (1 year), so bear with me, okay?
Here is a pic of the mini-figs, Driver Agent Charge and and Break Jaw. Both are nice mini-figs, but both have one thing I don't like. Charge's flaw is the big, bushy eyebrows. While several Lego Fans like them, this one doesn't. As for Break Jaw, his helmet is kinda loose.
Break Jaw without helmet. While Charge's eyebrows take away from the figure, Break Jaw's uni brow doesn't. It gives him a more evil appearance.
The guns are nice pieces. It's about the packaging showed the characters using them. The holes are apparently so the guns will attach to the figures, probably with a special leg mold that wasn't put out.

Break Jaw's robotic crocs are okay. Not much to say, other than I don't play with 'em that much.
Break Jaw's boat is too small and weird looking. Nuff said.
Charge's motorcycle is nice, but rather large. But if Lego had made it smaller, it probably wouldn't be as good looking. All together, it is a nice piece. (or pieces.)

Break Jaw's swamp outpost is a LOT larger that you think. If you can afford the volcano base, this won't be any add-on to your collection, but for little kids who can buy this with their savings then they can use this as Inferno's home base.

A close-up of the flick-fire missile launcher.
Inside the base.
Packaging shot.
Comic strip.

'Gator wrestlin.'
Overall rating, 3 out of 5 stars.
Here's a quick dio I made.

Hope you liked the review. This and other Lego Agents sets can purchased here. I'll review mission 6 next week.
Duke94 out.

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