Thursday, August 28, 2008

Combat Heroes Snake Eyes and Timber Review

I finally got Snake Eyes and Timber in the mail, so it only right that I review the set.
The new Combat Heroes line is nicely done. I like them just for the fact that they look goofy and bring a more humorous side to the G.I.Joe story.
As you can see I salvaged some of the packaging. This part makes a great display stand!

Snake Eyes is fairly nice the colors are much better than the colors that will come with the regular Snake Eyes in the 2-pack with Zartan and puppy Timber. Also the sword is different, looking more like a pirate's sword, than a ninja sword.
As for Timber. Very nice mold. His only point of articulation is at his neck. My mom says he looks like a cat.
Does he look like this to you!!!!
Here is a chart that shows Snakey's points of articulation.

He and Timber both have peg holes on their feet for attaching to some sort of stand. they can connect on to 25th stands.
press photos.

Hope you liked the review. Please leave a comment, if did enjoy it.
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