Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lego Agents!

I love the new Lego Agents line. I now own Missions 2 and 6. They are grrrreat! Take a look at the new sets.
Mission 1: Jet Pack Pursuit
Agents: Chase
Inferno: Saw Fist
Mission 2: Swamp Raid
Agents: Charge
Inferno: Break Jaw
Mission 3: Gold Hunt
Agents: Fuse
Inferno: Gold Tooth, Inferno Henchman.
Mission 4: Speedboat Rescue
Agents: Chase, Trace
Inferno: Break Jaw
Mission 5: Turbo Car Chase
Agents: Chase
Inferno: Spy Clops, and Inferno Henchman
Mission 6: Mobile Command Center
Agents: Chase, Trace, Charge, and Fuse
Inferno: Dr. Inferno, Spy Clops, and Pilot Gold Tooth.
Mission 7: Deep Sea Quest (Target Exclusive)
Agents: Chase, Charge
Inferno: Break Jaw, Slime Face
Mission 8: Volcano Base
Agents: Chase, Trace, Fuse
Inferno: Dr. Inferno, Clawdette, Fire Arm
Yes, I have confirmation that Mission 7 will be a Target Exclusive in the U.S.A.
I'll try to review missions 2 and 6 soon. I have the pics for mission 2. Also I have a SDCC Combat Heroes Snake Eyes and Timber on the way. I'll review those too
Duke94 out.

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