Thursday, August 2, 2007

G.I.Joe 8" line n' more

I mentioned that I would give some info on a deal with the G.I.Joe 8" line ending. This was on a well-known, never incorrect (well, I say never incorrect.) G.I.Joe fan site. Someone goofed and a report was made that in 2008 the 8" line would end. Other than what was in the display case at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con), other planned future figures would not be made. This included Short-Fuse, Zanzibar, and Wrecking Ball (Who ever he is.). But...... Lo and Behold Short-Fuse was in the display case at SDCC. Another guy also talked to Hasbro. The line won't end unless sales are bad. in fact, we'll see G.I.Joe himself, Dusty, and another Wet-Suit in the Adventure Team line. However, the 25th line will be the main line, and the 8" won't be promoted much. I complained to Hasbro and told them to give the line more promotion. You can do the same here!
Also I down-loaded the new version of Lego Digital Designer yesterday. I love it! You can find out more here. And check out the new Mars Mission site. It's cool!
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