Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lots of Legos!

I modified some of my custom G.I.Joe Lego figs and made some new ones yesterday, and here they are. Left to Right.
Top: Recondo w/ black bandanna, Duke, Lt. Torpedo, Flint w/ Beret
Bottom: Sgt. Boulder, Grand Slam.
Here are some better pics of the tower.

On the bottom floor is small food shop.
Above it is a place for storage.
On the next level is a cell for captured bad guys.

Here's the computer center. I also added a fire escape.
On the next level is a repair bay for the Metal Mayhem.
On the top floor are controls for the firing rocket launcher.
Today I created a Lego web page! View it here. Hope you like it.
"Wrong, we're the dummies."- Duke

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