Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wet-Suit Review

Here's the review I promised for Wet-Suit. First off I will say he's not the dullest figure, but he's not the greatest either. Anyhow, on with the review!
His orange wet-suit makes him stand out in a crowd.
With backpack. Looks okay with it on.

Let's get up close and personal. His head is a total new mold.
However he has the body as the Sea Ops Duke.
Here are his weapons. I think Hasbro could have done better.
His backpack has removable air tanks. (Big deal.)
I really love his rifle.

His backpack makes some kind of vehicle.
A under sea mine is included. It sports the famous "Snake Central" logo on it.
Press on it as shown and........
... it splits into two pieces.(Amazing.)
The mine is similar to the one included with the 12" 2005 navy underwater demolition training figure.

Some final photos.

His file card.
"Okay, turn on the water."
I'll won't be able to post this weekend, so I might and might not get to review Shipwreck. I'll try to though.


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