Tuesday, July 17, 2007

G.I.LEGO dio!

Well I got bored Sunday afternoon, and made another goofy mini-dio.'
In the battle the joes battle...
..and capture Dr. Scientwist.
He's transported on the battle boat to the G.I.Joe HQ, the D.AR.C.C.
Turbo flies his copter, and breaks Dr. Scientwist out of jail. They begin to escape, and thing go great for them.
Except for one minor little detail.

The missile doesn't miss, and knocks the copter out of the sky!
I made two new figs, first up Lockdown!
Next Low-Light!
I haven't been postin' lately 'cause of school starting. My birthday is August 3. We're planning a big water gun fight. (Knowing my luck a three year old will beat me.)

Oh, I'm not alone.- Flint, Heavy Metal comic.

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