Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Yesterday I mentioned some custom G.I.Joe LEGOs. Well here are the pics.
Here are the mini-figures. (Don't laugh.) Left to Right:
Gung-Ho, Flint, Shipwreck, Shipwreck's monkey (Benannas), Grand Slam, and Recondo.
Storm Shadow (Good Guy), Inferno, Dr. ScienTwist (custom), Short Fuse, Short Fuse's robot.
Wet-Suit, Duke, Heavy Duty, Turbo (another custom)
Here's the command tower. Sorry the pic isn't bigger.
Turbo's chopper.
Inferno's car.

Here's Snake Eyes in the Metal Mayhem.
A cargo boat. It carries the Metal Mayhem, Inferno's car, and Heavy Duty's car.
Heavy Duty's car.
I also built a arena were you can test POWER PUNCH!
You can also perform three types of attacks.
You can jump to attack.....

....Or you can swing on the chain....
Or jump your way to victory!
Now here's how POWER PUNCH! works. They have LEGO sports basketball legs. Bend the fig back.....
....And fig knocks it's enemy to win the fight.

Tomorrow I'll try to do my Shipwreck review. Aaron (my brother) thinks he can pay off Gung Ho Sunday. (Lots of cheers.) Thinks. (boos.) Even if he does we'll be at church.
Gotta go,


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