Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lego Agents 2.0 descriptions!

I was looking at Toys R' Us' site and the descriptions of the sets, which tell the names of the new characters! Click on the link to go the TRU listings!
Attention, Agent Fuse! Dr. Infernos henchmen Dollar Bill and Dyna-Mite have just robbed the City bank and are getting away with their ill-gotten loot aboard their Super Airboat. Your Mission: to recapture the safe using your Agent Waterjet with firing flick missiles but watch out for the airboats explosive surprises!
Aeriel Defense Unit
Red alert for Agents Chase, Charge and Swift! Dr. Infernos hot-headed henchman Magma Commander is unleashing his magma-drones on the City. Your Mission: to destroy his satellite broadcaster and neutralize the drones! To do it, youll need the newest Agents aerial defense vehicle the enormous, gadget-packed twin-propeller Agent Chopper!
Calling Agent Swipe! The gold-hungry Gold Tooth has stolen a valuable statue and is making his escape on a hi-tech motorcycle. Your Mission: to retrieve the statue at all costs using your Agent Supertrike with launching flick missiles!
Attention, Agents Trace and Chase! The villainous Dr. Inferno is on the loose in the City with his latest mad scientist creation a stomping, crushing monster robot with a giant claw and plasma laser! Your Mission: to use your Agent Super Jet with flick missiles and your harpoon-equipped Quad Bike to disable the robot and capture Dr. Inferno before he escapes in his jet-pod!
Emergency alert for Agent Chase! The evil Dr. D. Zaster is plotting to cover the City with sticky slime. Your Mission: to stop his Slime Chopper and destroy the slime containers using your Agent 4-wheeled truck with working suspension, hidden flick missiles and secret super agent gadgets!
I'll post more on the new characters later,
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

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