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Lego Agents Episode 5: Fool's Gold

Lego Agents: Fool’s Gold

Date: Classified
Location: Jungle in Peru

WHOOSH! The Agents’ jet flew over the jungle. “This is Agent Fuse contacting Agent MCC. Come in, MMC,” said Fuse into the headset in his helmet.
At the MCC…
Trace was driving the MCC with Chase in the passenger seat, and Charge in the trailer.
“This is Agent Chase,” said Chase. “What’s your situation?”
“Same as usual, I‘ve seen no Inferno activity.”
“Strange, Interalliance reports said that Inferno was planning a raid on a ancient tomb in this area.”
“What do you think they’re after?”
“Gold, probably. There’s a lot in this area.”
“What do they want gold for, anyway?”

Date: Classified
Location: Inferno HQ

“Break Jaw, you fuss about my teams bungling every operation, and yet you blow your own mission,” shouted Spy Clops.
“It’s not my fault!” shouted Break Jaw. His hand was wrapped in a bandage.
“Charge got in my way!”
“That’s what they do to my teams,’ hollered Spy Clops,’ except for the fact that my men don’t get so bad they need a medic!
“Your hand has never been zapped by electricity. Besides the medic said that it will heal!” fired back Break Jaw.
Spy Clops grabbed Break Jaw by his collar and lifted him off the ground.
“Tell me,’ shouted Spy Clops,’ The location of Agents Headquarters! Or YOU will pay the price!”
“If I lowered the price, would accept it?” gasped Break Jaw.
“Maybe,” said Spy Clops.
“I’ll tell you the price.” (The price will be revealed in Lego Agents episode 6! Don‘t miss it.)

Date: Classified
Location: Jungle in Peru

Gold Tooth walked into a hut in a small native village. “Anything for me, matey?” he asked the henchman who had come with him.
“Yes sir,” said the henchman. “Quite a lot, actually.”
“I’d prefer ye call me ‘Capt’in,’ Jack,” said Gold Tooth.
“Yes, Capt’in,” said Jack.
“Spy Clops said to let you know that we are abort the mission, and return to base.”
“What?!?’ exclaimed Gold Tooth,’ after all we have done? We’ve traded and made peace with the natives, and now, he’s calling us back?”
“That’s what he said.”
“Okay, then. We will return to base. But not until we get the gold! I’ll get the two trucks ready. We will keep the gold to ourselves!”
“50-50?” asked Jack.
“Of course.”
“You sure treat your workers nice.”
“I’ve read that if you respect your men, they will respect you,” replied Gold Tooth.
Date: Classified
Location: Agents MMC
“This is Agent Fuse to MMC. Come in, MCC,” squawked Fuse’s voice over the radio.
“This is Agent Chase at MMC, over,” said Chase.
“I’ve spotted a clearing due east.”
“Keep searching for Inferno, We’ll investigate the clearing, over!”

Date: Classified
Location: 2 mi. from the clearing.

The side of the trailer opened, and the turbo car drove out.
“We’ll call you, if we need you,” said Chase to Trace via radio.
“Copy that,” said Trace.
“BTW,’ said Charge,’ Why ain’t Trace and da MMC with us?”
“If we get in a jam, Trace will bring the MMC so we can use its secret gadgets.”
“What are da secret gadgets in da MMC besides the mini-vehicles?”
“If I told you, they wouldn’t be secret.” (The secrets of the MMC will be told in Lego Agents episode 8!)

In the clearing…
Gold Tooth hooked a shovel on side of the truck.
“Okay, matey, lets go,’” said Gold Tooth. They both climbed into the pick-up trucks. Some natives climbed into the trailers.
VROOOMMMMM!!!!! The turbo car burst through the jungle, and into the village.
“Trace!” shouted Chase into his headset. “Gold Tooth has the natives captured! Get here now!”
Charge and Chase reached under the dash and grabbed their weapons. Chase held up his laser pistols. Charge stuck a magazine into his Gatling machine gun.
“How can you fire that thing?” wondered Chase.
“Ah gots muscles,” replied Charge.
“Careful,’ said Chase, ’Don’t hit any natives.”
Gold Tooth and Jack jumped out of the trucks. Gold Tooth pulled his custom gold-plated pistol, and fired. His lasers missed Chase and Charge by a mile.
“He ain’t ever taken shooting lessons,” snickered Charge.
“I’d worry about him,” shouted Chase, pointing at Jack. The henchman had two sub-machine guns trained on Chase and Charge.
“Look out!” shouted Chase, as Jack opened fire. He and Charge jumped for cover behind the trees. The natives started jumping off the truck, spears in hand.
“Ya know,’ said Charge, ‘if ah didn’t know better, I’d say dat they are comin’ after us.”
“Might be a reason for that, you lame brain,” said Chase. “They are coming after us!”
“Yikes!” shouted Charge. He aimed his Gatling at the natives.
“No!” shouted Chase. “Don’t hurt them, just disarm them, or we’ll have more trouble! Take out Inferno only!”
“You’re no fun,” groaned Charge. A native ran at Chase. Chase jumped into the air and kicked the spear out of his hand.
A big native ran towards Charge, and swung his spear at him. “Don’t yo know dat yo could poke out someone’s eyes wit’ dat?” asked Charge, as he grabbed the spear and snapped it over his knee.
Six natives surrounded Chase. Chase made a roundhouse kick, and sent their spears flying through the air.
Charge fired electric bolts at one of the pick-ups. The bolts bounced off, thanks to the truck’s armor plating. Charge snatched a spear out of a native’s hand and drove it into the armor plating. The handle was made of wood, yet the point was made of steel. Charge touch the point on the spear. The bolts form his glove went through the point, through the hood and into the engine. Booooom! The truck exploded!
Gold Tooth hopped into the remaining truck.
“Hey, Jack, jump in!” he shouted. Jack jumped into the passenger’s seat, and the truck drove off.
CRASH!!!! Chase and Charge turned around. The MMC pulled up into the village.
“Hiya, hot shot!” said Trace, as she jumped out of the cab.
“No time for sweet talk!” said Charge. “Follow dat truck!”
“The MMC can’t catch up to that truck in time!” said Chase. He grabbed his radio. “Fuse, this is Chase. Gold Tooth and his henchman got away. I need you to pursue them!”
“Roger,” said Fuse.
Chase and Charge jumped into the Turbo Car. Chase put the petal to the metal, and drove off. Charge look at the scanner on the Turbo Car.
“According to dis,’ said Charge,’ Gold Tooth and his henchman are at an ancient temple. Dere leaving now, but if we turn right up dere we can take ah short cut and head ’em off.”
Chase turned the car and drove through the mud. “Hope this works, Charge. My car is getting dirty.”
“Git over it.”
Fuse flew over the truck. “Fuse to Chase. Presently over the Inferno truck, waiting orders.”
“This is Chase. Charge and I are going to attempt to head off the truck. Hang on, we may not need you.”
“Roger that,” said Fuse.
Jack looked up at the Agents’ jet.
“It’s not lookin’ good,” he told Gold Tooth. He climbed out the window, and into the back, where there was a seat. He aimed his sub-machine guns at the jet, and opened fire.
“Whoa!” shouted Fuse as he tried to avoid the laser fire.
“Chase, if you’re gonna do something, do it now.” “We’re almost there!” shouted Chase. “Bad news,” said Charge.
“What now?” asked Chase.
“I made a miss calculation. We ain’t gonna make it, keep goin’ though.”
“What for?”
“Yo see.” The car flew towards the dirt road up ahead. The road was a 4 way crossing. The truck drove in front of the car. Whoosh! The car barely missed the trailer. Charge unbuckled, jumped onto the trailer, and placed a detonator on it. But before he could dentate it, Jack aimed his gun and shot Charge in hand. Charge fell off the truck and in the mud. The turbo car raced up.
“What happened?” asked Chase. Charge walked back to the car, hold his hand. “Tell ya on the way,” he moaned.

Meanwhile at the MMC….

“Anyway, that’s what happened,” said Trace. She was talking to native woman using a language translator gadget. Trace turned around and saw a shadow looming behind the MCC.
“Excuse me,” said Trace. She walked behind the MCC. A karate chop hit her in the neck, and knocked her out.
“Ha, ha, ha!” laughed an evil figure behind her. It picked her up and carried her away from the MCC.

Back at the jungle….

“Fuse, you have to hit that detonator with a missile or laser, and make it explode!” said Chase into his radio.
“Or that gold could be used to give Inferno money to buy weapons for world domination!”
“I know,’ said Fuse as he dodged Jack’s lasers,’ I’m counting on me too.”
To be continued….

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