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Lego Agents Episode 6: Rescue

Continued from previous episode….
Date: Classified
Location: Jungle in Peru

“We’re almost into the woods,” said Gold Tooth to Jack.
“What do you mean?” asked Jack as he fired at the Agents’ jet above him.
“Up ahead,’ replied Gold Tooth,’ Is a dense part of the jungle where we can park and they can’t shoot at us. You can’t hit what you cant't see.”
Up in the jet…
Fuse looked at his screen. The targeting computer locked on. Fuse pressed the button. The missiles flew through the air.
“Please…” said Fuse.
“Oh, no!” shouted Jack.
Wham! The missile hit the detonator! They both blasted in a large explosion, throwing the gold off the truck.
“You’ll pay!” shouted Jack. He aimed his sub-machine guns and hit the wings!
“Uh!” Fuse pressed the button and another missile hit the truck! All three bailed out of their vehicles. Gold Tooth jumped up.
“Run!” They ran down the road until… Wham! A grenade landed in front of them! Lasers poured down from the sky! They looked up and saw Fuse on a parachute, firing at them with a laser rifle! Fuse landed on the road, and Chase and Charge pulled up in the turbo car.
“Git shot down, little man?” asked Charge.
“Kinda,” replied Fuse.
“Where’d they go?” asked Chase.
“Ran off,’ answered Fuse,’ Maybe they jumped in a lake!”
“Be nice if day did,” said Charge.
Back at the clearing…
The turbo car pulled up. Fuse was sitting on the GPS, and squeezed between Chase and Charge.
“Yo shoulda rode in da trunk,” grumbled Charge.
“You should of worn deodorant,” snickered Fuse.
“Cut it out,” said Chase. “Something’s wrong. The villagers don’t look happy.” The villagers ran up to the turbo car. Chase turned on his translator gadget.

Date: Classified
Time: 1645
Location: Agents HQ

“I can’t believe it,’ said Chase, ‘they captured Trace.” Dr. Inferno stood in his cell laughing evilly.
Chase walked over to his cell. “What’s so funny?”
“The fact that you lost this fight,” said Inferno.
“We did?” said Charge as he and Fuse walked over to join Chase and Inferno.
“You did,’ replied Inferno, ’You might have stopped Gold Tooth, but your teammate was captured by Inferno, so you were defeated.”
“Got news,” said Chase. “The fight’s not over yet.”
“It’s not?” asked Inferno.
“It’s not.” said Chase.


“Keep scanning, Charge,” said Chase. Charge was using several different satellites to locate a possible Inferno base.
“Yo, Chase!” shouted Fuse. “Look what I just got!” He waved a paper at Chase “Clancy just received word that an oil rig in the Caribbean was taken over by Inferno, think that’s were they’re holding Trace?”
“Maybe,” replied Chase. He pushed a button on the computer.
“Request granted,” said the computer.
“What are yo doin’?” asked Charge.
“I’m going to take the speedboat and rescue Trace. Alone.”
“Alone! Are yo nuts?”
“Maybe, but just a little. If I need you, I’ll call.”
“But…” Chase had already left the room.

Date: Classified
Time: 0834 hours
Location: 5 miles from the oil rig.

Chase looked at the scanner. A blip showed on the computer. Chase turned the speedboat to find the blip. “It appears to be 3 miles from the oil rig,” thought Chase.

Two miles away…

“Wait ‘til Chase gets here,” said Trace to Break Jaw. “He’ll beat you so far down in your boots, that you’ll have to pull down your socks to see out!” Trace’s arms were tied on a rope, that was extended on a boom from a buoy.
“Like that’ll happen,” said Break Jaw. “Face it, Trace, you can’t win.”
“Oh, sure,” said Trace. “Look behind you.”
“Oh, boy,” said Break Jaw. The Agents speedboat was closing in.
“Yikes,” said Chase. “There are mines planted in the water, according to my screen.”
“He stopped,” said Break Jaw. “He must have detected my mines.”
“He’s smarter than you think, Break Jaw,” said Trace.
“Shut it!” shouted Break Jaw.
Chase opened the hatch and grabbed the zip line tool from a hook. He pushed a button on the speedboat’s computer. The harpoon shot out from the boat, and hooked onto the buoy. Chase zipped across the line and onto the buoy.
“So, Break Jaw,’ said Chase,’ We meet again.”
“So we have,” said Break Jaw. “Have you ever faced a ninja?"
“No,’ said Chase,’ but if they fight like you, they’re a bunch of wimps.”
“You’ll pay for that.” Break Jaw ran at Chase, and knocked him down. Trace swung back and forth on her chain, and kicked Break Jaw in the head. He splashed into the ocean.
Chase grabbed one of his pistols, and shot a laser at the chain. The laser cut the chain. Chase caught Trace, set her down, and unhooked the rest of the chain. “You alright?” asked Chase.
“I think so,” said Trace.
“Thanks for saving me.” “Don’t tell the oth…” said Chase.
“You freak!” shouted Break Jaw. “If you knew what was coming you wouldn’t laugh!” He pushed a button on belt. Part of the buoy blew, and a small escape boat came out. Break Jaw jumped in and sped off.
“The buoy’s sinking!” said Chase. He pushed the Agents logo on his suit. His heli-pack activated, and they flew to the speedboat and landed on it. Trace hopped into the speedboat’s controls, and they sped off.
“To the oil rig!” shouted Chase. “We have to get Inferno off of it!”
“Hang tight,” said Trace. “I’m picking up something on the radar.”
“Sharks!” said Chase. “With rocket launchers, and pulse rays?!?” The two sharks had surfaced and opened fire! Trace weaved the speedboat left and right to avoid the fire. "They're robots!"
Chase pushed two buttons. The speedboat’s missiles flew at one of the sharks. Boom!
Chase punched in another button. A net landed on the other shark. Chase flipped a switch and the net produced electricity and zapped the shark.
“That only stunned it,” said Trace. She pushed a button on the controls. The pod detached, and dove under. She fired at the shark with the laser cannons and the shark was no more.
“Nice work,” said Chase as the pod attached back to the speedboat.
“Thanks.” Trace smiled at him.
“Good knight!” shouted Chase. “What in the world is going on!”
They had arrived at the oil rig. And it wasn’t what they had expected. Inferno henchmen were evacuating the oil rig! One was thrown out a window, and into the ocean. Charge popped his head out of the window!
“Take dat ya maroon!” he shouted. Fuse popped his head out.
“Don’t you mean moron?” he asked.
“Maybe,” said Charge. He noticed Chase and Trace.
“Oh, hey guys! Whazz’s up?”
“What? How? Why? Where?…Oh, for crying out loud!” said Chase.

Later on the oil rig…

“So we got bored,’ said Charge,’ and I was like, Fuse, we oughta go take dat oil rig, ourselves, and Fuse was like…”
“Just a minute, moose breath, I was like, Charge, Chase can’t rescue Trace, and capture the oil rig at the same time, and you said you wanted to watch your Veggietales DVDs, and then I reminded you that I had a hot dog roast with them, and you decided..”
Charge clamped his hand over Fuse’s mouth.
Chase rolled his eyes.
“Hey, Trace,’ said Chase,’ wanna go to dinner tonight?”
“Really?” said Trace. “Sure, I’d love too!”
“Can I come?” asked Charge.
“Absolutely not!” shouted Chase and Trace together.
“Aw, nuts.”

Date: Classified
Time: 0834 hours
Location: Inferno HQ

“The price we owed you for the location of Agents’ HQ was the capture of an Agent,” said Spy Clops to Break Jaw.
“Now cough up the location!”
“I lost her to Chase!” said Break Jaw, “I need another Agent!”
Spy Clops grabbed Break Jaw’s helmet and pulled it off his head.
“I think not,” said Spy Clops. “When your helmet was made, it was modified with a brain wave scanner, it downloaded your memory over the weeks since you joined Inferno. Tough luck.” He walked away.
“Hmm….” thought Break Jaw. “Spy Clops, Not I, but you will pay.”

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