Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lego Agents Mission 4: Speedboat Rescue review

Originally, when I saw this set, I didn't care for it. It seemed kinda classic. (You know, boy rescues girl from man-eating (or woman-eating) whatever.) Really, the only reasons I bought it were...
1. I want to support the Agents line so Lego will keep making them.
2. I wanted the sharks and mini-sub pod.
Boy I'm glad those two reasons pushed me to grab this set! The set is very nice, read on to find out why!

The mini-figures are Chase, Trace, and Break Jaw. Chase and Trace were covered in this review, while Break Jaw was reviewed in another review. Chase comes with a pistol and doesn't have a reversible head. :( Break Jaw is supplied with a radio.

The sharks have a flick fire missile launcher and a laser ray cannon.

The sharks look better with out the battle guns. They are very nice pieces. Two thumbs up, Lego!

Oh buoy! The buoy works for the set, but it's kinda a useless piece otherwise.

Now for the buoy's big feature! You push the button on the back of the buoy...(Drum roll, please!)

...and boom! The side of the buoy explodes and the little boat comes out! Yippee. Seriously, the boat is much better than the the one in Mission 2. Not a big feature, but if that had been on the Jack Stone set when I was 7, that would have the coolest thing at that time. So it's good for the Little kids. My brother, who's 10, thinks it's one of the best features on a Lego set.

When pictures were first shown of the Agents sets, I didn't like the looks of the speedboat, it self. Boy, the speedboat is awesome! The design looks so much better in person! It has a flick-fire missile, a net-launcher, and a harpoon.
The harpoon has something special. It has a neat gadget to reel the line back in. Place the line on the red plate...

Then push the wheel down onto the line and turn the knob and reel in the line.
To detach the mini-sub pod, push the light down and...

Believe it or not, it always pops out and slides out from the speedboat automatically. I figured that it would just loose the hook it's attached to, and you'd have to remove it manually.

As I said, I liked the pod and still do. It reminds me of the Sigma 6 Ghost Shark's pod. Come to think of it, the Ghost Shark was a speedboat!

Inside shot. Just your typical computer piece, nothing new.
Two instruction manuals, one for the minifigs, sharks, and the buoy, the other for the speedboat and mini-sub.

A picture of the box.

Comic strip. I'm not sure, but I think David White may have done the work for these. (Correct me, if I'm wrong.)

Something I note on this set is the fact that it's Chase who saves Trace in this set. On the Lego Message Boards, there is a Agents game that I play. If a teammate gets caught by Inferno in the game then I do all I can to save him/her because they are my teammate. My question. Is Lego hinting that Chase and Trace are in love? Or is Chase simply rescuing her because she's a team mate? On the Mission X game on the Agents site, It plays, um, romantic music during the intro. Don't ask me, I just write these reviews and fanfics. You'll have to figure it out Yourself.
Final Stats
Playability: 4 out of 5
Value for money: 3 of 5
Overall: 4 of 5

I have the money for Mission 3, but considering it's after Christmas, I haven't found the set yet. Next I'll try to review Mission 5 and then 7. Finally, I bought the Power Miners Mine Mech. I'll review it too.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.


iron man said...

Hey nice work on the review. I happen to be an agents fan myself and i own mission's 1,3,4,5,6 and i want to get mission 8 but its not avalible in Canada.

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