Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Okay, I admit it...

I'm crazy. I've read that you are too involved with your toys when you start dreaming about them.
My Dad builds custom toy trucks and sells them for a living. Seriously, he goes to shows and brings back money that would make Chomp drool.
Anyhoo, Last night I dreamed that Lego had been sending Dad prototypes of future Lego sets. Dad couldn't tell me or anyone else about the prototypes, because I'd post about them here. And he got busted. Lego had sent him prototypes of the '09 Agents sets, so I got to play with them, and boy, I hope those prototypes are real. I've never had such fun in a dream. All, but one set wasn't built. That set was an Inferno tank, with Gold Tooth and two henchmen, who had the coolest machine guns.
BTW, my Dad does receive prototypes from a large truck company, so I guess that's where the dream came from.
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

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