Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dennis Quaid (and Hawk) in Parade magazine!

Yep, someone sent a question into Parade magazine about how Quaid got ready to play Hawk. He said that for the most part he watched the cartoons. So if the movie has a comic book feel to it, why on the planet, did he watch the cartoons? (Not that I'm complaining, the cartoons rule, but the comic books aren't that great.) Anyhoo, it showed a 25th/Modern Era Gen. Hawk. Too bad it was 25th. Then again there isn't a fig of Hawk that isn't 3 3/4" to my knowledge. Otherwise, Parade would have had used a 8" figure of him. (Hey, as I recall, on the news article about the movie on FOX's web site, they showed pics of 8" figures.)
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.

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