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Lego Agents Episode 1: Origins

Lego Agents: Origins

Date: Classified
Time: Classified
Location: Classified

My girlfriend and I were looking at a new piece of machinery she had built. We would be married the next day. I didn’t know what would happen next, but I never would have imagined what DID happen. We were both special agents for the government. I was the top-agent, she built special weapons. I was walking away from her, when I heard the bang and scream. I’ve heard plenty of screams after bangs. More than I want to, actually. I turned around and Claudette was lying on the ground, with blood spattered everywhere. My best “friend” , Codenamed Inferno, was standing there holding a smoking gun. Before I could speak, several more agents ,that where in the unit I was with, surrounded me.
“What is going on?” I asked.
“We are sick of you,’ replied Inferno.
“Why are y…’
“Shut up!” shouted Inferno. “Put out him of my, er, your misery, guys!
I grabbed the pistol, hidden in my vest, and fired away.
A bloody Inferno lifted himself up, and glared at me, with the one eye I hadn’t shot out.
“It not over,’ He mumbled, ‘You’ll still die.”
He pulled out a grenade, pulled the ring, and threw it at me, with his good hand.
I ran without looking back. I made it out of the building, without a scratch. My codename is Chase.

Lego Agents, an elite team of agents, always ready to fight evil. Go Agents!

Date: Classified
Time: 1523 hours
Location: Interalliance HQ

“Please Agent Chase, we need you,” said John Clancy, a rep for the Interalliance worldwide justice agency.
Chase sighed. Clancy had been nagging him, wanting him to lead a team to battle a new criminal organization.
“O.K., first tell me what you know,” said Chase.
This team is dangerous. They captured a small city in Arizona, and took every valuable the people owned. Then they left.”
“Did they leave any thing behind?”
“A letter.”
“That said?”
“You want me to battle these goons, right?”
“Then fill me in, already!”
“Very well, the letter said, ‘We have just begun, signed the Inferno Organization.’ We might know where their base is.”
“You got members for the good team I’m supposed to lead?”
“Yes, are you going to join or am I going to have to find someone else?”
“I’ll check it out.”
“That’s good, meet at these coordinates tomorrow at 0900. See you tomorrow.”

Date: Next day
Time: 0901 hours
Location: Classified

“Thank you for agreeing to this, Agent Chase.” said Clancy.
“I didn’t agree to anything,” replied Chase.
“What? But you said…”
“I know what you think I said, but if this is something I don’t like, I’m not joining.”
“No, but’s to it, Clancy.”
Clancy was silent.
They were riding on a elevator down to Agent’s headquarters. To get to the elevator, they had driven to an old parking lot that had a small dilapidated building in the corner. They had entered the building, stepped into a room, and opened a closet door, which was really the elevator.
The doors opened and the two men stepped out.
“Nice HQ,” said Chase.
“Thank you,” said Clancy. “Shall we meet the team the government has selected.
Clancy walked to a large, dark blue truck. Two men were talking.
“Chase,’ began Clancy,’ This is Agent Charge and Agent Fuse. Fuse is an expert in demolition and sabotage. Charge is a mechanic, and heavy weapons specialist.
“And don’t yo forgit it,” boomed Charge in a big, booming voice.
Ignoring the interruption, Clancy continued. “They are both expert pilots and vehicle drivers.
“And don’t’ dat either!” shouted Charge.
“With your big mouth, how could he?” cracked Fuse.
“Yo tried to tell me sumthin’?” asked Charge.
Clancy and Chase walked over to a man that was eating a sandwich, with his back to them.
“This is Agent Chomp,” said Clancy. “He’s a martial artist.”
Chomp turned around in his chair.
“YIKES!” shouted Chase.
Chomp had teeth like a shark!
“I was born this way,” said Chomp calmly.
“Weren’t we all?” replied Chase.
“Hey, man, I’m just in for the moola,” said Chomp,” That’s all that matters to me.”
“What else have you got for me, Clancy?” said Chase.
“One more agent. I’ll show you.”
“That’s what I’m afraid of.”
They walked into a room.
“Where the other guy?” asked Chase.
“Over there.”
Chase turned around and was staring at a pretty, young woman.
“How did on the planet she get here!
“Well, Agent Trace worked for a top security system manufacturer,’ began Clancy. ‘She was their top software designer, and built anti-hacker systems that even the most-wanted hacker could not crack. Her plans for a software project were stolen by a rival company. She used her own disguises to get into the company and get her software back, and bring proof that the other company stole her software. Upon hearing her story, I knew that she would be perfect for building security system and undercover systems.”
“A woman, huh?” scoffed Chase.
“Uh, yes.”
“She won’t be here long.”
Chase walked away, still smirking.
“Do not listen to him, Trace,’ said Clancy,’ he’ll come around.”
“Don’t bet on it!” hollered Chase.
“I think he’s kinda cute,” said Trace.
“Well?” said Clancy.
“Well, what?” said Chase, sarcastically.
Clancy pulled a pistol out of his briefcase, and began loading it.
“Are you in or not?”
“Clear the way, I’m jumpin’ in the pool.”
“Good,” replied Clancy.
Clancy handed Chase the pistol.
Chase clipped it into his holster.
“By the way.” Chase looked at Clancy. “If I had said ’no’ you would have shot me.”
“How did you know?”
“I know how the government works.”
Chase turned around, and walked away without looking back.

Date: The next day
Time: 0800 hours
Location: Agents HQ

“Okay, team this is it,” said Chase.
Clancy and the Agents were standing in the Mobile Command Center.
“Today, we strike. I don’t have a clue what I’m getting into, and nether do you. Okay, Clancy, let us have it.”
Clancy pressed a button on the projector. The lights dimmed and a picture of an armored, heavily-defended building was shown.
Crunch, crunch!
“Hey, no popcorn!” shouted Clancy at Charge.
“Why, yo dimmed the light and turned on a projector. That mean it a movie, right? And when you have a movie, yo gotta have popcorn.”
“This is no movie!”
“Party pooper.”
“Here,’ said Chomp,’ I’ll take care of that.” Chomp took the popcorn, and devoured it, kernels, bag, and all, in one crunch.
“Yuck,” and Trace.
“Now, you may continue,” said Chomp, calmly.
‘Um, where was I?’ asked Clancy. ‘Oh yes, as I was saying, This is Inferno’s base.”
Clancy pointed to the picture on the screen.
“Your mission is to find and capture their leader.”
“Agent Chase, tell the Agents your strategy.
“My strategy,’ began Chase, ‘Is to get in that base and kick Inferno good. Charge! Fuse! Chomp! You three are to cut through the fence, and dismantle all the power in the base. Take the motorcycle, supersonic jet, and mini-jet. Oh, don’t cut off the lights. It’s easier to do a job when you have light. The power MUST be cut by 1345 hours. Trace will sit in the truck and pick us up once we’re done. Does everyone hear me!
“Yes!” shouted Fuse, Trace, and Chomp.
“Uh, what yo say? I could hear cause everyone was screamin’, said Charge.
Chase groaned.

Date: Day of mission
Time: 1204 hours
Location: One mile outside of Inferno’s base.

The MMC (Mobile Command Center), Turbo Car, and Motorbike were sitting on the side of a highway. The Supersonic Jet (piloted by Fuse) and the Mini-jet (flown by Chomp) circled above. Chase fastened his seat belt.
“Okay, agents let’s roll!” shout Chase.
“Hey, fat boy,’ said Fuse to Charge,’ How well can ya keep up with jets.”
“Just watch me little man,” retorted Charge. “Yeeha!”
Charge began plowing down trees, bushes, deer, and anything else in his way.
“Sorry, Bambi!” shouted Charge.
Ping, ping! Chomp’s sonar showed something on radar!
“What on earth?” said Chomp.
Then there was a “boom,” and it was the last thing he saw.

To be continued next week...

Hey, be thankful for two reasons, one: this episode wasn't supposed to be up 'til Saturday, and two: It's thanksgiving!
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