Monday, November 24, 2008

Lego Agents fanfic bios!

These are for the fanfic. You'll want to read these before you read the fanfics.

Chase: Chase is the leader of the Lego Agents. He was the top-agent for another government agency. He had a “friend,” who was a fellow agent codenamed Inferno. He tried to kill Chase and his girlfriend two times. The first time Inferno killed his girlfriend, but was unsuccessful in injuring, much less killing Chase. The last time, Inferno threw a grenade and killed himself, but again Chase escaped without a scratch. Chase was asked by Clancy to start the Lego Agents, which he accepted. Chase has a personal dislike towards Trace, while she likes him.

Trace: Trace is the Lego Agents’ security and computer software expert. She also worked for a top security system manufacturer. She was their top software designer, and built anti-hacker systems that even the most-wanted hacker could not crack. Her plans for a software project were stolen by a rival company. She used her own disguises to get into the company and get her software back, and bring proof that the other company stole her software. She has a special liking to Chase, even though he doesn’t like her.

Charge: Charge is a Mechanic, driver, and pilot. He’s also a great machine gunner, who can pick-up and fire guns that most weightlifters can’t even lift. Most people are afraid of Charge, because of his size, but his friends know that he’s a real softie. Charge and Fuse are best friends, until Fuse makes a wise crack, that is.

Fuse: The wise-cracking demolitions expert is ready to roll in any mission. He’s also a driver and pilot, with skills that any pilot would envy. Charge is his best friend, even though they don’t act like it.

Chomp: When he was a boy, even the worst of the bullies were afraid of Chomp, even though Chomp was not a bully. Chomp was born with shark-like teeth. He grew up in a poor family, so his goal is to become a rich man and he loves money more than a millionaire. His father was a martial artist, so Chomp serves as the Agents’ martial artist.

The fanfic may be up sometime before Saturday, FYI.
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