Friday, April 4, 2008

my letter to Hasbro

Here' s a letter to Hasbro about the 8" line.
Dear Hasbro, I have a few questions about the G.I.Joe 8" line. 1. Is it possible to release 8" joes in a line similar to "Marvel Unleashed". It could include Duke, Snake Eyes, Flint, and other favorites in their 80's suits. 2. Can we have 8" toys for the new '09 movie? 3. If we can't have 8" toys until the rumored animated series comes out in '09-'10, can we at least have 8" Action Man toys? 4. There are reports of Wave 5 of Sigma 6(Which came out late '06) reappearing at various retailers across the U.S.A. In fact, I bought my 3rd Lt. Stone yesterday at Toys R' Us. Can you explain these previously rare figures are showing up again? Thanks "Duke94" of Sigma 6 Telebase.
I'll let ya know what they say. And yes, I bought a Lt. Stone.
Duke94 out.

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