Sunday, July 13, 2008

G.I.Joe movie info, B. Fraser in USA Today, S6T internet exclusive!

I didn't see this on any other sites, so that makes this an internet exclusive.

I was on vacation on Thursday, and someday left a USA Today magazine by everyone's door to their rooms. Anyhoo I picked it up when I saw an interview with Brenden Fraser. At the end there was a little piece on G.I.Joe. Here the actual piece of that interview.

Q: And, of course, I have to ask you about G.I.Joe.

A: That's a cameo, a full-on cameo. That was me begging Bob Ducsay, who produced the first two Mummys, and we were in Shanghai one night. Bob had a big grin on his face and told me Paramount had given him the green light for G.I.Joe. "Can I be in your movie, please? I'll do anything! I'll play a crazy drill sergeant." And I can't believe it-They called me! I am Rick O' Connell's great-great-grandson. He gets to decide who does or doesn't get to be in the Joes. and that's it. I had a Joe. My Joe was twisting in the wind, hanging from his parachute. (End of interview.)

One note before I leave, big sites like Hisstank report Fraser will probably be Rock n' Roll, due to the fact that in other interview he said that he'll drive a 3-wheeled motorcycle (Rock n' Roll did that on the early comic books.) and that Fraser's character's last name was O' Connell. I beg your pardon, but Rock n' Roll's last name is McConnell. I still think he'll be Rock n' Roll, but he might not. I've been looking for another Joe character with the last name "O'Connell."

Gotta go.


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